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Seriously, What's Wrong With Parents?
"If you're not down for the long haul, then don't sign up for the responsibility."
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Seriously, What's Wrong With Parents?

No one ever said being a parent is easy. Still, it's better to never have a child at all, than have one and take its life away. I've been horrified by recent news stories of parenting gone wrong from mommy blogger Lacey Spears who was arrested for systematically poisoned her son Garnett to Justin Ross Harris of Georgia who "accidentally" left his 22-month-old son in the car all day. Based on the behavior of some of these so-called parents, something needs to be said.

The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web
Motherhood is a magical time.
Love Mom

The Best Reaction To Pregnancy News On The Web

Everyone likes to reveal that they're pregnant in a different way. Some people blurt it out, others write it on a cake, and some get especially creative. But I think we can all agree that the reaction is the best part. Whether it's a husband or mother in law, the reaction is every woman's favorite part of revealing that she's going to be a mom. Check out this primo reaction to the happy news. Caution: it gets loud.

she's making a relationship mistake
I feel like a woman near me is making a serious relationship mistake. Hmmm.
Love Buzz

Love Bytes: The 12 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Women Make

12 mistakes women make in relationships. What to expect from hate sex. 12 things to remember when dating a musician. Dating in the 1940s! How to move your stuff into his place. Why to start dating against type. And more of the latest news in love.

Tips On How To Talk To Your Children About Sandy Hook Shooting
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Tips On How To Talk To Your Children About Sandy Hook Shooting

There are no words to describe what happened on Friday at a Newtown Connecticut Elementary School. Even being an expert in my field, it was difficult to find the words to talk about this on television. As a mother of two children ages 5 and 7, I was in a sheer panic when I heard the news. As a parent I thought, "We should be able to send our children off to school not fearing for their safety." Unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Peter Jackson
Dating a Tolkien fanatic? Here's what you need to know.
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Love Bytes: How To Date A Hobbit-Head

How to date a lover of The Hobbit. The appeal of the bad boy. Three days in a chastity belt. Ten mistakes parents make during the holidays (you know, Christmas). And more in today's roundup of the best of the web...

wedding rings
How to have a satisfying marriage.
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Love Bytes: 5 Rules For A Happy Marriage

Women are cheating as much as men. He makes more than his female coworker. How to get a man to commit. How to survive a weekend with your guy's family. Getting dumped sucks, but winning $23 million dollars rules. How handle your guy's ex. And, 10 weird sex things that people used to believe.

ann romney
Is Ann Romney more attractive than Michelle Obama? Why do we even care?
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Love Bytes: Are Republican Women Really Prettier?!

15 reasons to date a politician. Are GOP women ... prettier? Being fit could earn you more money (and the gratitude of the opposite sex). What if your dominatrix does something to hurt your feelings? Does a breakup count if it's done during an alcohol blackout? Is "The Rules" coming back? Dating rules you should break. Is your guy a hypochondriac? How apologies define a relationship. And, size matters.

Ban "Gay-Repair" Therapy
Let's hope California starts a precedent for other states to ban "gay-repair" therapy.
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It's Time For All States To Ban "Gay-Repair" Therapy

This week I'd like to send a huge congrats out to California for becoming the first state to ban "therapy" that aims to change sexual orientation of minors. The bill, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown bans mental health practitioners from performing "reparative therapy," which is believed to cause harm.

woman waiting phone
Maybe he lost his phone again...
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Love Bytes: 8 Signs He's Blowing You Off

How to break up with someone, but stay friends with his kids. Coyotes mate for life, cougars date for strife. How porn can ruin everything for a guy. 8 signs he's blowing you off. The walk of shame ain't so bad. Domestic violence and Dr. Drew. 3 love lessons from Lucille Ball. 4 biggest financial problems in relationships. This is THE year of the kinky movie. How not to let money ruin your relationship.

man kissing money
I love you more than I love my lesbian daughter.
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Weird News: Marry My Lesbian Daughter & I'll Give You $65 Million

Webster's defines "dowry" as the money, goods or estate that a wife brings to her husband at marriage. They define "diarrhea" as, well, you probably know that one, especially if you love coffee and Thai food. But now, a story out of Hong Kong has convinced us to coin the term "dowrrhea."

date blindfolded
What's a conversation without body language?
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Love Bytes: Do You Have The Right Body Language?

Plan B for students. 10 good reasons to have lady friends. Facebook faux pas. What do his boxers (or briefs) say about him? 14 body language do's and dont's. Signs you are emotionally unavailable. You should smile more. Work husbands are a thing; are they a good thing? Everyone has cold feet on their wedding day, right? And, what does "take it to the next level" mean?