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10 Things You Should Know About Herpes [VIDEO]

Fifty million cases of genital herpes exist in the United States alone, yet this disease still remains an enigma to most people. Separating fact from fiction, Health Guru lists the top 10 facts you need to know about herpes, its treatment and how to protect yourself from contracting this STD.

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31 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life

Your doctor probably never told you this, but it's true: Most people can and should have sex well into old age! While menopause in women does affect sexual drive and function somewhat, there is no reason healthy men or women can't experience sexual pleasure at any stage in life. Sure, the nature and intensity of the sex may change, but the love and pleasure don't! An active sex life is good for your health at any age. Here's how to boost your libido.

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How An Unhappy Marriage Can Damage Your Health

The long-standing theory is that there are major health benefits for the marrieds of the world—they tend to live longer, healthier lives. But new research is showing that this “marriage benefit” does not extend to those that are unhappily married, divorced, or widowed.

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Holding Hands Is Ridiculously Good For You

Why is it that when we're upset, stressed, or scared we instinctively reach for our partner's hand? Or conversely, why is it that we always seem to reach for our partner's hand to comfort them when they're upset? Well a recent study by University of Virginia psychologist, Dr. James Coan, showed that the answer doesn't lie between our fingers, but in our brains. The study involved subjecting 16 happily-married women to stressful situations while monitoring their brain activity. The results showed less activity in the stress-related areas of the women's brains even while holding a stranger's hand, and a whole lot less when they held their hubby's hand.

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11 Romantic Ways To Lose Weight As A Couple

We said a collective, "awww," after reading this story about Alan and Jan Coupe, winners of the Slimming World Couple of the year award, who lost 210 lbs between them after being told that they were too heavy to sit together on an airplane. To lose weight, the couple joined a weight-loss program, altered their diets, and began bike-riding and swimming together. Romantic, right? Now, the Coupes are almost unrecognizable. We love the idea of staying fit as a couple—not just for the obvious health benefits, but also for the bonding experiences. We're not sure how many of these weight-loss methods Alan and Jan tried, but we figure that the happy couple would approve.

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Your Family Size Can Help You Live Longer

According to a team of researchers there are some significant mortality themes correlating quite heavily with number of children. In other words, family size can help you live longer (or shorter). As it turns out, a husband and wife with two to three kids seemed to be about the safest bet for a long healthy life. On the flip side, everything from childless to child army somehow got wrapped up in higher risk for alcoholism, cervical cancer and even car crashes.

4 Non-Religious Reasons To Be Celibate
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4 Non-Religious Reasons To Be Celibate

Recently Bristol and mom Sarah Palin made a headline-grabbing appearance on Oprah where one of the bigger headlines came out of Bristol's vow to abstain from sex and remain celibate until marriage. Whether you see this as a sincere vow of a teen mom humbled by the grown-up situation she's put herself in, or a as a publicity stunt aimed at boosting her and her ambitious mother's conservative image, celibacy is a movement that is gaining attention in both the teen and adult worlds as a lifestyle choice.

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Sleep Your Way To A Better Relationship

Mom always got on us about getting our Z's every night. As annoying as that could be, as much as we wanted to stay up and talk on the phone/watch late night TV/read magazines, she was on to something. And who is the most sleep-deprived in our culture? You guessed it: single, working women and mothers. What do you think, can you and your S.O. vow to get a full night of sleep every night for a month?

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We Married For Health Insurance

I'd never been one of those girls who'd dreamt about her perfect wedding. The virgin-white dress, the exorbitant costs, the fuss over a big, shiny rock—none of it ever appealed to me. I wanted to find a lifelong partner, and a family sounded nice, too, but honestly? I never cared much about that piece of paper. So why did I just marry my boyfriend after pondering it for a mere two hours? One (evidently all-too-common) reason: health insurance.

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The Search For The Perfect Condom

After I decided to stop using The Pill, my husband and I got our hands on a variety pack of condoms from Babeland and started our search for the Perfect Condom. We weren't too thrilled about using condoms as our main method of birth control, but maybe we could find a one that could trick us into believing that we weren't using a condom at all.