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emily morse miss advices
Emily Morse: "The issues you have on the third date, you'll have forever." Oh really?!
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Bravo's Emily Morse Dishes On Lust, Power Tools & The 3rd Date

Take one part "nice girl from Michigan," stir in a dash of San Francisco open-mindedness and sprinkle liberally with expert insights on sex, and you've got Emily Morse. Whether you've been married for years or you've just met a special someone, "sexpert" Emily is more than happy to advise in a fresh, funny, and non-judgmental way.

Is On-Stage Sexuality Art Or Pornography?
How do you characterize sexual performance art?
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Is On-Stage Sexuality Art Or Pornography?

A couple years ago I attended a performance at one of those trendy yet underground clubs on the Lower East Side. Normally, I wouldn’t even be able to get into that place, but since my friend had recently started cocktail waitressing there, we were ushered past the long line and escorted to one of those exclusive tables that everyone outside would have killed at which to be seated.

LoveTown, USA
What happens when Oprah gets a community to focus on love?
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Oprah Experiments With Love In New Reality Show, 'LoveTown, USA'

Reality television has turned dating into a truly trashy affair. Singles who are "looking for love" on these programs are often just looking to ignite their 15 minutes of fame, feigning vulnerability and faking romance just for some camera time; it's enough to make you want to turn off the TV for good.

Alex Miranda and girls in 3
The '3' lovely ladies with host Alex Miranda
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Host Alex Miranda Dishes On The New Reality Dating Show, '3'

The latest reality dating show, 3, premieres tonight on CBS at 10/9c, but it's not your average, "find a man, get the ring" staged series. We chatted with host Alex Miranda (who happens to be a dear, close friend!) to get the full scoop on what sets this particular show apart from The Bachelorette and Miss Advised, and why he believes the search for love isn't that hard ... as long as you have the right approach.

Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel
Kerry Washington and Jimmy Kimmel announced the nominees this morning!
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2012 Emmy Nominees Announced: Snubs & Surprises!

The Emmy nominations for 2012 were a little less predictable than they've been in the past, with some perennial nominees getting bumped out in favor of new blood. Which means that the list of snubs and surprise nominations is a little longer than usual. So let's get to it:

Finding Nemo
If 'Finding Nemo' can't put a smile on your face...
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Lonely? 10 Movies That Will Instantly Cheer You Up

We've put together a list of the 10 must-see flicks that are sure to knock that bad mood and make you smile, laugh, or at least forget about what's bothering you for a few hours. Today is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day, and this is your one-stop shop to cheer you up.

Bravo's 'Miss Advised'
The ladies of Bravo's 'Miss Advised'.
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A 'Tough Love' Letter To The Ladies Of Bravo's 'Miss Advised'

In last night’s Miss Advised episode titled "What's Your Type?" the three of you were finally starting to learn more about yourselves when it comes to the relationships you acquire and maintain. However, as viewers who were rooting for you, we think that it would be an understatement to say that you've all been deeply "misadvised" when it comes to your own love lives! As a love and relationship site dedicated to living your best love life, we have taken it upon ourselves to share some of our wisdom based on what the show has depicted so far.

emily maynard The Bachelorette
Bachelorette Emily Maynard in Prague.
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8 Love Lessons Women Can Learn From 'The Bachelorette'

I have to admit that I'm an obsessive fan of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" franchise. Since 2003, I've watched too many crying breakdowns in limousines, steamy hot tub kisses and beautiful proposals that rarely become weddings. However, it wasn't until this season with beauty and single mom Emily Maynard that I began to realize "The Bachelorette" is more than just my Monday-night guilty pleasure.

Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love."
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg in Woody Allen's new film "To Rome With Love."
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24 Wittiest Love Quotes From Woody Allen Movies

On Friday Woody Allen's film "To Rome With Love" came out in theaters, the latest of the famous director, writer, and actor's many flicks about love — both lost and found.

Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively and Aaron Johnson
Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively and Aaron Johnson get down and dirty!

Why Were The Threeway Sex Scenes In 'Savages' So Hard To Shoot?

Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson may look pretty cozy in their Savages sex scenes – but when it came time to film the graphic deeds on set, it was nothing short of awkward.
The three are intertwined in a love triangle in Oliver Stone's new drug flick.