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Saved by the Bell
This May marks 21 years since 'Saved by the Bell' aired its final episode. Feeling old?
Celebrity Love

21 Signs You're Obsessed With The '90s!

Despite what MASH predicted for your adult life, you do not own a mansion, drive a Lamborghini or are married to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And you're pretty pissed off about it.

'Blue Is The Warmest Color': lesbian sex in movies
The author behind the graphic novel thinks the film adaptation is "just porn."
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'Blue Is The Warmest Color': Is Lesbian Love In Movies Realistic?

Director Abdellatif Kechiche's drama walked off with two trophies at this year's Cannes film festival: the Palme d'Or and a special award for its two lead actresses. Is it a film that shows the reality of lesbian life, love and coming out? Or does it turn lesbian sex into a porn show?