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Get through your breakup quicker with the help of these Anti-Valentine's Day gifts.
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9 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Heartbroken

Forget about all the couples and their heart-shaped Valentine's Day gifts. What about the recently dumped? They surely need gifts to get over the heartbreak. If you're in search for a pick-me-up gift, or you're a good friend buying something for your best friend who was recently dumped, here are the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.

Breakup Advice: 10 Steps To Moving On
It's time to stop moping!
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What To Do When He Disappears: 10 Steps To Moving On

You're desperately in love with him, but suddenly, he seems disinterested. You haven't heard from him for a few days. You replay all of your recent conversations, reread your texts and wonder why. But none of this is productive. If he doesn't have the courtesy to let you know what's going on, you shouldn't concern yourself with him. And that's the first step to getting over him.

weight loss
Behold: the post-heartbreak slim-down.
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The 'Revenge Diet': How Far Is Too Far?

We've all experienced it: the breakup hunger strike, a.k.a the revenge diet. Sometimes, you're so upset that you can't even stomach the thought of eating, nevermind actually do it. Other times, you think the best way to get back at the person who devastated you is to drop a ton of weight and look fabulous. After all, they say that happiness is the best revenge, right?

12 Best Pieces of Dating Advice
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12 Best Pieces of Dating Advice

People ask me all the time for dating tips and advice, and I definitely have some current favorites. Whether you’re back on the dating scene after a divorce/difficult breakup/death of a spouse; whether you were plain old dumped and are afraid to have your heart broken again; are a single parent; are intimidated by online dating; wouldn’t know where to start or even what to say if you saw someone you liked; or are simply starting over, try these twelve tips on for size.

Greta Gerwig as Lola and Joel Kinnaman as Luke in 'Lola Versus.'
Greta Gerwig as Lola and Joel Kinnaman as Luke in 'Lola Versus.'
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'Lola Versus' Review: Don't Ditch Your Friends If You Get Dumped

We all have that one friend who went through the breakup she cannot stop talking about. If it was three weeks ago, you get it. It's still raw. If it was three months ago, okay. You figure she and her ex were together for awhile. She thought she'd found The One. Of course it still hurts. But after three months, well, it's time for your friend to shut up already, if you even hang out anymore.

woman smashing guitar
"He destroyed my heart, and since he doesn't have a heart, I smashed his guitar."
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Angry Single Blogger: How To Smash Your Ex's Stuff, Guilt-Free

It's embarrassing how many phones I've gone through because I threw them in a fit of rage over a certain guy. It's also nothing to brag about that I've gone through most of my glasses because I've smashed them to bits in anger over the same guy, then, because that wasn't enough, I jumped on his guitar in my favorite heels and destroyed it.

women happy hour drinks bar
Stop crying and get yourself to Happy Hour!
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12 Super-Fun Steps To Getting Over A Breakup

Heartbreak lingers like a hangover. You wake up but don't want to move, and your head is spinning. Sometimes you need the greasiest pizza down the street has to offer, and sometimes you can't eat at all. The only thing that sounds appealing is crawling into a dark cave away from anything (which is everything) that reminds you how sh**ty you feel. We get it.

The Bachelor recap ben flajnik Kacie B
Ben Flajnik and Kacie B. in "The Bachelor."
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'The Bachelor' Recap: Would You Ask A Guy Why He Dumped You?

Monday night on The Bachelor, Kacie B. followed Bachelor Ben Flajnik to Switzerland in order to do two things. The first thing she wanted to do was "warn" Ben about the evil Courtney, but the second thing she wanted to do was find out why Ben dumped her. Yeah, she made one giant, huge, unbelievably humiliating mistake.