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couple moving in
For instance, who pays for what?
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5 Things To Discuss Before Moving In With Your Significant Other

Deciding to move in with your significant other is a crucial moment in a relationship that should not be taken lightly. It can be difficult to figure out when is the perfect time to make that giant leap of financial and emotional faith. Since you'll be sharing the same lease, bills, chores, furniture and a life, it is important to know when to trade in your separate places and make one home together.

Spontaneous couple
One tip? Explore a new city - without any plans!
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30 Ways You & Your Love Can Be Spontaneous Right Now!

Being spontaneous is essential to keeping the spark alive in your relationship. And, you don't have to be an incredibly impulsive person to keep things new and fresh with your significant other either. We're not talking about jumping out of planes — all you need is some creativity, courage and the desire to have fun with your partner.

5 Steps to a Better Marriage
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5 Steps to a Better Marriage

Too Much To Do. Life gets crazy doesn’t it? You’ve fit your kids’ basketball and cheerleading practices into your schedule along with the dance recitals, the board meeting the business trip - and on it goes... It’s a whirlwind of “to-dos.” But where does your marriage fit into all of that? How much time do you put into making your marriage a priority, into making it what you want it to be?

showering together
Ready for some good, clean fun?

Gettin' Steamy: The Art Of Showering Together

Nothing dials up the romance like a change of scenery, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave home. Your next romantic getaway is as close as your bathroom shower. Read on for a look at the good, the bad, and the slippery — and 12 tips for safe and steamy couples' showering.

couple moving in
Renovations can cause major stress in a marriage — don't tackle a major project initially!
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6 Must-Read Tips For Couples Moving In Together

She's this year's Design Star winner and host of Most Embarrassing Rooms in America on HGTV. The Chicago native, wife and mother, who also operates her own design firm, finds herself working with newlyweds often. So we decided to tap her expertise to get some insight for couples entering the world of marital cohabitation.

Love & Valentines Day: Relationship Compassion
Flowers, candy and back rubs don't mean a thing without compassion!
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30 Ways To Be A More Compassionate Partner

Concepts like love, understanding, and kindness are so important to couples. But here's a relationship buzzword you may not have considered: Compassion! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are 30 ways to be a more compassionate partner.

couple learning together
One idea? Learn a new language together!
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30 Ways To Never Stop Learning Together

Welcome to 30 Days Of Love, our one-month initiative to bring you closer to the love you deserve just in time for Valentine's Day. Today, we're shining the spotlight on learning — and its role in a fulfilling relationship.