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Mariah Carey curvy
If you got it, flaunt it, Mariah!
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13 Celebrities Who Look Better With Curves

The fact of the matter is, some celebs just plain ol' look better with a little meat on their bones. Men are always telling us that they find curves incredibly sexy, and the truth can be seen in stars like Nicki Minaj and

gabby douglas
"It can be bald or short, it doesn't matter about my hair. Nothing is going to change."
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'I Just Made History. And You're Focusing On My Hair?'

In a day and age when women's appearances are perpetually scrutinized, the controversy over Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas's hair is particularly maddening and egregious, since Douglas has just made history by becoming the first African-American gymnast to ever win the all-around individual title in the Olympics.

7 Love Lessons From Marilyn Monroe [EXPERT]
Are you a blonde bombshell at heart?
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7 Love Lessons From Marilyn Monroe

Do you remember where you were when Marilyn Monroe died 50 years ago? I remember her death even though I was just a little girl in summer camp learning how to shoot an arrow. Marilyn had a lot of arrows in her quiver in the form of timeless wisdom.

man ogling woman
"Really, dude?"
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Study: Women Ogle Other Women's Breasts, Too

You know how people say that men are ALWAYS objectifying women? Well, they are. However, women do it too. From their lips, nips and hips to their toe tips, a gal will eyeball a woman as collection of body parts nearly as readily as a man, per a new study.

celebrity body parts Irresistible You
Which celeb can't get enough of her own tatas?
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"I Love My..." 12 Stars Reveal Their Favorite Body Parts

From Jennifer Lopez's legs to Kim Kardashian's mega posterior, we're taking a look at what stars have embraced about their bodies and how it has done wonders for their spirits. While some of the ladies below had to work hard at this self-love, others have merely accepted their natural beauty, which is what we all should do.

irresistible you yourtango
Two ways to feel instantly irresistible: Eat amazing food and wear red lipstick!
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7 Ways To Feel Irresistible Right Now

The results of our "Irresistible You" (IY) survey show that many of you need an extra boost of confidence in your life: Only 12 percent of women said they have "high" self-esteem. Time to spend some time on yourselves to build self-confidence, ladies.

irresistible you yourtango
One-fifth of women say they don't like their legs. It's time to change this!
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4 Features Women Dislike & How To Make Them Look Hot

When asked which of their features women like least in our "Irresistible You" survey, by far the most common answer was "legs," with almost one-fifth of ladies claiming they don't like theirs. What a pity: There are many easy ways to get gorgeous gams, some of which we'll tell you about in a minute!

irresistible happy woman
It's time for you to feel irresistible about yourself AND your relationship.
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Irresistible You: A User's Guide

Great relationships start with confidence in your partner and even more importantly, confidence in yourself. It's nearly impossible to love someone else without loving yourself. When you feel like a million bucks, you radiate, and in turn, your relationship is healthier and happier.

4 Tips To Stop Negative Body Talk
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4 Tips To Stop Negative Body Talk

As someone who has been there and who teaches women to eradicate their negative body talk, I am keenly aware how often women actually bash themselves without even batting an eyelash. This negative self-talk has become so ingrained in their being that they are no longer aware it even comes out of their mouth. Negative body talk also known as “fat speak” is prevalent everywhere. You don't have to walk far to hear this kind of personal ridicule.

6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
How do you feel about your body?
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6 Tips To Improve Your Body Image & Your Sex Life

If you do not feel good about your body, you probably are not going to want to be seen naked or even partially undressed in front of a partner. How can you improve your body image so that you can have more sexual enjoyment? Here are six suggestions to help improve your self-esteem and love the skin you are in.

Rihanna harper's bazaar
Rihanna sizzles on the cover of August's "Harper's Bazaar."
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Rihanna Misses Her Own Butt

Rihanna looks gorgeous in the new issue of "Harper's Bazaar," but she's got a problem with one of her body parts: Her butt. While she's more fit than ever now, the sexy singer isn't exactly happy about it.