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The Shame Game: How Self-Image Affects Your Relationships
Don't let your negative feelings shape the beliefs you have about yourself.
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The Shame Game: How Self-Image Affects Your Relationships

Personal development coach Brock Hansen writes about the causes behind shameful feelings that lead to eating disorders and how to understand the root of the issue. When you know the root you can start working on a positive solution to your pain.

Personal Development Coach: Trichotillomania And Dating
Being honest is scary, but it's the right choice.
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Finding Love & Acceptance With Trichotillomania

Having a disorder like trichotillomania is difficult. When it puts a damper on your love life, that can be even harder. This personal development coach shares how to be brave, accept your challenges and communicate openly with your partner. You can find love!

woman looking in mirror
Do you always dread looking in the mirror?

How Can I Learn To Love My Body Again?

Do you dread shopping for new clothes? When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself as "fat" and "ugly" in anything you try on? Are you worried that you'll never come to terms with your body? If so, help is on the way!

mastectomy, breast cancer
Losing a breast forces you to learn the meaning of emotional vulnerability.

What No One Ever Tells You About Mastectomies & Intimacy

Ever wonder why we’re all so crazy about breasts? Because they're so damned desirable, that's why. This is a reality that every women who's undergone a mastectomy deals with each day. The idea of reconstruction is like a big security blanket that makes us feel that whatever it is we're about to go through, we'll be fine and dandy in no time. But, as a woman who's lost a breast to cancer and had reconstruction, I can tell you first hand: the reality is more complicated than that.

Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit
Is there a siren within you waiting to be unleashed?
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Live Your Best Love Life: Unleash Your Inner Siren

Usually, we refer to femme fatales as sirens. But what if being a siren meant that your beauty and your capacity to give and receive pleasure were so magnetic that you naturally attracted high-quality men as life partners? Wouldn't that make being a siren positive, sexy and fun? Learn more at the Become Your Inner Siren Telesummit, available online for free (May 18-20).