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One-third of teenagers share passwords with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
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Love Bytes: 5 Better Ways To Show Intimacy Than Password-Sharing

How to express intimacy without silly things like password-sharing. Republicans and Democrats have a few peculiarities when it comes to dating. Does the G-Spot exist or not? What happens when your backup boyfriend dumps you? Why older ladies become ultra-close with other older ladies. Love is like being on drugs, serious drugs. The Catholic Church would prefer you paid for your own birth control, thankyouverymuch.

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Will your parents' divorce affect your own happiness in marriage?
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Love Bytes: Are You Destined For Marriage Failure?

Everybody manscape now. What was your first time like? What is the first year of marriage "really" like? The importance of sexual chemistry. The truth about being a bridesmaid. How to have a quickie and not get caught. When is chivalry a little too much? The porn industry is mandating condom use. Great, non-hormonal birth control methods. Does your parents' failure at marriage doom you? Never date a guy named "Tom."

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The realm of oral contraceptives is getting a bit messy these days.
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"My Birth Control Pill Almost Killed Me"

Some of you may remember my issues with the birth control pill, Yaz. After surviving a pulmonary embolism, I can now consider myself relatively healthy although doctors are not sure if I will have more complications in the future. Even though I've been off my medication for two and a half years, I am still dealing with what happened every day.

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What do you think of the government's recent decision on Plan B?
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Sound Off: Have You Ever Had Trouble Getting Plan B?

The government just overruled the FDA's decision to allow Plan B (the pill which, if taken 72 hours after sex can very significantly reduce the risk of pregnancy) to be sold on drugstores shelves to anyone of age.

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Look at this creepy creeperson! He'll have you swallowing like 5 Plan B's in no time.
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Love Bytes: The 10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever

The creepiest song lyrics ever. Having babies too late may be even less safe than we thought. Do not start having sex with your neighbor if you want a relationship. Is your guy totally into someone else? Plan B may soon be available over-the-counter. Good-looking friends make you look... better. Hugs may not be as innocent as you think. France may ban prostitution.

Love Bytes: 14 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women
Did you catch those fake Kardashians on SNL?
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Love Bytes: 14 Unexpected Things Men Love About Women

Depo Provera may cause memory loss. Thirteen things that dudes really dig about ladies. When should you start leaving the bathroom door open? Some women are really having a hard time finding a great guy; such a hard time that they're making a show about it. The cougar is superior to the silver fox, apparently. What do you do when your wingwoman gets ALL the attention?

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Lesson Of The Day: Don't Use Plan B As Your Only Birth Control

xoJane's "Health Editor," a term we're going to use very loosely, wrote a piece about why she prefers the Plan B method of birth control to all others. Why? Well, in her words, the Pill will make her "fat," make her "spot," and according to her, will not prevent her from getting preggers because she's in that teeny-tiny minority who got knocked up on it.

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The Low Down On Birth Control: 10 Types Of Contraception

When it comes to protecting yourself from unplanned pregnancy, keeping your options open is critical. There are so many contraception choices out there you are bound to find ONE that is right for you. And just in case you haven’t seen the magical graphs and charts posted in your local doctor's office, here are some of the choices you have in birth control.

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Why I Believe In Natural Family Planning

If you've heard the term Natural Family Planning (NFP), it's probably almost a certainty actually, that you were given some bad information about it. As someone who has practiced NFP with my wife for around six years, I know I've heard more than my fair share of misguidance from family, the media and even priests. Sometimes it's honest confusion or simply a passing along of misinformation, but other times it's a blatant attack on a somewhat mysterious practice that many in our culture chalk up to some form of crazy desire for 20 kids or an exercise in Pope-worshiping. Despite what critics say, Natural Family Planning can be good for your marriage.

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What Will Free Birth Control Mean For You?

The U.S. Health & Human Services has announced new guidelines that health insurance plans beginning on or after August 1, 2012 will cover various women's preventative services, including birth control, voluntary sterilization, and emergency contraception. What does this mean for you?

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Why I See Logic Behind Bill O'Reilly's "Women Are Blasted" Quip

Unless you've been in a cave all week, you probably heard Bill O'Reilly's controversial comment during a discussion of universal birth control on his Fox News show. He said: "Many, many people, many women, I hate to say it… Many women who get pregnant are blasted out of their minds when they have sex and aren't going to get birth control anyway."