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Don't Date These 10 Dudes In 2011

On the heels of my dating resolutions list, I'm also thinking about the types of guys I've dated this year—the ones I've had fun with, the ones who've hurt my feelings, the ones who've wasted my time, the ones with whom the timing was just wrong. My girlfriends have also been through a bounty of man types and shared some of their best and worst. Some we would date again and some, well, we wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.


The Best Of The Web: Bad Dates & Scandals

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What Not To Do On A Blind Date

I screwed up last night. Bigtime. I had a date with the last of the eHarms batch. Mr. Grand Finale and I had been playing phone tag for months. Finally we nailed down a date and time. 8:00, Opia Lounge. But first I pre-partied at a Glamour BBQ in the West Village, and that’s where the trouble began. Here’s what went down on my blind date.