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bad first date
"Hair. Definitely hair. I just can't with bad hair or no hair." - Jennie, 32.
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Shoes 'n Tattoos: 11 Singles Reveal How They Judge A First Date

For the fourth year in a row, conducted their annual "Singles in America" study so that, you, the singles of the world, could see exactly where you rank amongst your fellow singles. While the study delved into how people met their most recent first date, what topics to avoid, and appropriate behavior at night's end, it also found that people can be very, VERY judgmental when it comes to their date.

7 Women Reveal Their Biggest Sex Regrets
What's your biggest sex regret?
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7 Women Reveal Their Biggest Sex Regrets

A new study reveals men and women have completely different regrets when it comes to sex. We polled women of all ages to find out their biggest I-really-wish-I-hadn't moments when it comes to their sex life, past and present.

Men Hold Off  On The Sex Talk

Men Hold Off On The Sex Talk

"Why did she suddenly block me?" - I got tired of receiving the same support question over and over again from men on my dating site so I decided to conduct a member survey to find the answer. I didn't put it in these words exactly, but tried instead to find out what the members were most looking for and what they disliked the most. I also threw in the obvious question "after how many dates would you consider sleeping with someone?" Well that was too easy: 90% of the men said they would consider sleeping with a woman after one date, but only 10% of the women said they would.

Ford and YourTango: Love On The Road survey
Hit the road with your S.O. this summer!
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Does He Drive You Crazy While You're On The Road?

If you're in a relationship, chances are you'll be taking a road trip this summer—so you'll want to read what we've learned from our survey! For the second time, we've joined up with Ford to ask 1,000 people about traveling with their significant others.

love keyboard
A new study reveals online daters' photo and profile preferences.
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Online Dating Study: Men Want To See Less Writing, More Boobs

Online dating is a lot like a job in sales. Only rather than convincing potential customers to purchase a product, you're persuading them to invest their time in getting to know you. The reward? A few dates and, if you're lucky, a serious relationship.

interracial couple
She's white, he's black. Will it work?
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In 2012, Should Race Ever Be A 'Dating Dealbreaker'?

A recent survey conducted by online dating site found that 42 percent of adults would not date somebody outside of their race. Within that statistic, respondents age 55 and up tended to lean more toward those of their own race, at a whopping 54 percent, compared to those between 18 to 34 at only 33 percent.

Are you a firm believer in the old adage: "Once a cheater, always a cheater?"
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Who Is More Forgiving Of Cheating: Men Or Women?

Though many people wouldn't forgive a partner for cheating under any circumstances, many of us, for various reasons, would at least begin to go in that direction. Many experts, including those on YourTango, have helpful advice on how to move toward reconciliation, and how to understand why cheating occurs.

While the trees are banging around outdoors, you're banging indoors.
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Why Do We Love Getting It On During Natural Disasters?

I can tell you exactly where I was when Hurricane Irene hit New York City last August: I was in Brooklyn having sex. The storm had yet to do any of the severe damage that it eventually caused, but that morning, as the wind and rain started to pick up, I was mid-coitus. And according to statistics, I was not alone.

couple driving
His cruising style might tell you more about his personality than you think.
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5 Things You Can Tell About A Guy By His Driving Style

How do you and your partner spend time on the road? Are your car arguments reflections of larger issues you have with each other? Read on to see what his behavior when you're driving together could indicate about his personality — and see if you detect any of these behaviors in yourself.