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5 Crazy Things Women Do To The Hair Down There

The other day, Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on "Lopez Tonight" to plug her new dating book, The Day I Shot Cupid. During the course of the show, she revealed that one of the tips in her book—practiced by a friend of hers—was to glue Swarovski crystals to one's pubic area. Now, we're all for bedazzling ... T-shirts ... but we're a little worried that some women are taking the personal landscaping a little too far. Here, five crazy beauty rituals that we women perform below the belt.

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Steal These 7 Items From Your Guy's Closet

There are plenty of good reasons to have a man in your life. Sex. Opening pesky pickle jars. Um, sex. But let's not forget the added bonus of nipping into your guy's dresser drawers and claiming the loot inside for yourself. Here, 7 dude duds to "borrow" for your fall wardrobe.

A Badly Dressed Man
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How To Make Over A Badly Dressed Man

I once dated a guy who clothed himself almost exclusively in band t-shirts, pleated trousers, and an ever-present fanny pack. (And no, he wasn't a German tourist.) I remember thinking when we met that I'd finally cast eyes upon the archetypal rock critic. That he actually was a rock critic made the experience all the richer. Because he was smart, funny and cute-ish, I chose to overlook his sartorial missteps and we quickly fell in love. But despite my best efforts—including renaming the fanny pack his "colostomy bag"—I never could convince him to spiff up.

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3 Secrets To Exuding Sexy

Sexiness is not about your dress size. It has nothing to do with your zip code, either. And don't even tilt your head a tad at your hair color, length of bangs or shoes in the mirror. Nope. Your sexual appeal, writes Lori Gottlieb in the July issue of Self magazine, has everything to do with the vibe you're giving off. So brush away any dust that's settled on your sensual side with these, our favorite three tips from Gottlieb and her West Coast pals. Isn't it time you get back in touch with the fox in you?

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Event: Learn How To Stop Men In Their Tracks

Here at YourTango we try to give you the male perspective; in fact, What Guys Think is one of our most popular sections, so we know you're interested in the male mind. In the spirit of decoding dudes, we're giving NYC-based ladies a chance to go straight to the source with the Man Panel, part of Lord & Taylor's Dating Boot Camp

Dressing For A First Date
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Dressing For Post-Divorce Dating Life

But what about you, the dress distressed divorced diva? It’s been some time since you last went on a first date or that you even attempted to see what’s out there in Guyville. Can it still be that nerve-wrecking to decide about what to wear on a date? You betcha. But it doesn’t have to.

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5 Sexy Spring Styles For Him And Her

Spring has finally sprung, and the urge to shop for new clothes is almost as strong as the need to find a way to pay for them. Luckily, you don't have to spend a lot to look great this season. The biggest looks combine versatility with all-American style, and you only need five must-haves to update your wardrobe. Armed with these lists of essentials for him and her (and where to get them), you can even sneak your look into fall without spending a fortune.

Your Bra Could Be Your New Bag
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Your Bra Could Be Your New Bag

When I go running I put my iPod in my sports bra—it just makes sense! I don't like to have something attached to my arm and carrying it in my hand messes with my stride; sticking a nano in my cleavage is easy! I'm shocked that more women don't do it. I admit, though, that I sometimes worry that my gym crush might wonder why I have wires coming out of my cleavage, and why I occasionally reach into my shirt and appear to be adjusting my boobs—I'm just skipping a song, I swear! So I'm not sure I'm into the idea of storing not just my iPod, but the entire contents of my purse, inside my bra. That's the concept behind the Cleavage Caddy (via Lemondrop), the signature product of Mazantri Creations, a company that's embraced the bra as storage. The idea of stashing a couple of bills and an ID in your bra isn't new, but the Caddy isn't just for cards and cash—there are compartments for a cellphone, pen, lip gloss—the works.

Conservative Suit Hides Sexy Seductress
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Conservative Suit Hides Sexy Seductress

The most visible members of a group end up defining the look of the group. Despite the fact that this is an inaccurate and unfair, it's also inevitable. If I had a magic wand, it would be one of the first things I'd change (after getting rid of world hunger and professional wrestling.) But I'm not waiting around for fairy dust any longer. This has been on my mind for a very specific reason. I have chosen to write about my life and when I'm asked to speak publicly about that writing people are often surprised when they see what has been described as my "conservative look." It's disappointing, quite frankly. People in open relationships don't all look the same.

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Is Your Boyfriend Too Hairy?

How important is male grooming? Should eyebrows be tweezed? And what about back hair? Is it a good idea to wax it? Or does some hair make him more of a man? YourTango takes this question to the streets to find out if women like men with back hair.

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Man Up!

Today, females hold the most sexual, intellectual and professional power than ever before. They can do just about anything a man can do - and sometimes with a little more grace. When it comes to fashion, the sexiest and most daring women in my eyes, are the ones who look past the skin-tight expectations and cross the gender line. Yes, I'm talking about women dressing in men's clothes.