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Parenthood More Important Than Marriage For Millennials

The kids of the Millennial Generation are far more keen on the titles of Mom and Dad than Husband and Wife. According to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of Millennials cited being a good parent as "one of the most important things in life." Only 30 percent thought the same about having a successful marriage—a glaring 22 percent gap among the 18-to-29-year-old set.

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Study: Men Subconsciously Try Not To Cheat

Despite what many women may believe, men work really hard at "relationship maintenance." Even on a subconscious level. "It seems the men were truly trying to ward off any temptation they felt toward the ovulating woman," Dr. Jon Maner told the New York Times. "They were trying to convince themselves that she was undesirable. I suspect some men really came to believe what they said. Others might still have felt the undercurrent of their forbidden desire, but I bet just voicing their lack of attraction helped them suppress it."

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Quick To Forgive? Thank Your Mother

There are countless studies out there on couples' fighting styles, but new research is finally focusing in on how pairs recover from arguments. As it turns out, how well you patch things up in your current romantic relationship has to do with the quality of attachment in your very first relationship—the one you had with your caregiver as an infant.

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Uh-Oh: 50 Percent Of Men May Have HPV

Well, this isn't good news. A study released in the Lancet by Moffitt Cancer Center indicates that half of men aged 18 to 70 in Mexico, Brazil and the U.S. may be affected by the human papillomavirus (HPV), known as the leading cause of cervical cancer. Until now, most of the attention given to HPV has focused on how the disease endangers women. What most people may not know is that in addition to causing cervical cancer and genital warts in women, HPV can cause cancer of the head, neck, mouth, the tongue, tonsils, genitals and anus in both sexes.

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Getting Checked Out May Lower Your Test Scores

Does getting checked out give you self-esteem? Does unnerving eye contact inspire you to standardized test greatness? Per a study, giving a woman an "objectifying" glance lessens her ability to perform well on a test. An ogled woman doesn't score as well as a women with whom strict eye contact was kept.

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Cities Of Love: The 20 Most Romantic Places In The U.S.

Although Paris may traditionally be considered the City of Love, America has a romance capital, too: Alexandria, Virginia. Don't believe us? It's true! Amazon.com recently released its list of the Top 20 Most Romantic Cities in the United States, and Alexandria took the top spot for the second year in a row. Apparently the city has the magical key for keeping the love alive. To come up with the list, Amazon compiled sales stats in four categories on a per capita basis: romance novels and relationship books, romantic comedy movies, sexual-wellness products and Barry White albums (nice). Alexandria came out on top, followed by Knoxville, Tennessee in second and Orlando, Florida in third.

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Depressed? Your High School Boyfriend Could Be To Blame

For many young people, high school love is full of firsts. You can probably think of a few yourself--first relationship, first kiss, first heartbreak or even the first time. However, we're betting you would have never guessed this first would ever be added to the list. Researchers at the University of Maine performed a psychological study which brought to light a new first for kids in love, and it has nothing to do with magical moments. They found that early relationships can often reveal the first signs of depression.

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Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex

People might associate college life with pizza and promiscuity, but according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality, students would rather receive an ego boost (from compliments and good grades) than have sex. Incidentally, ego boosts also trump favorite foods, which actually makes sense considering how closely hunger and sexual compulsions are compared.

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Young Couples Are Not So Great At Monogamy

Ah, young love. So sweet, so charming and... not quite so innocent. It seems plenty of youthful couples are dropping the ball in the monogamy department. If recent research is any indication, they may need to be schooled on the true meaning of an exclusive relationship. In an Oregon State University study of over 400 couples ages 18-25, 40 percent of the time only one partner had agreed to be in a "sexually exclusive" relationship. The other said no such deal was made.

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Study: Paying For Online Dating Sites Is More Effective

One of the reasons free online dating sites are so popular is that paid sites sound like a ripoff. Who wants to shell out hundreds of dollars to meet the love of their life? Last spring, OkCupid argued that people should never pay for online dating because there aren't enough people willing to pay a fee for dating services. Since fewer people means fewer matches, online daters should stick to free sites that may have a larger base of active users. Although OkCupid are right in that people hate paying for websites, others argue that matches on paid dating sites will take the service more seriously since they'll want to make the most of their financial investment. The Big Think cites a study published in Current Psychology that tested this idea on a group of undergraduates last year.

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The Surprising Link Between Monogamy And Getting Drunk

The key to monogamy is getting wasted? Now we’ve heard it all. According to a new study conducted by Mara Squicciarini and Jo Swinnen, and funded by the American Association of Wine Economists, the more a society drinks, the more they practice monogamy as well. We would have assumed that a high alcohol intake would equate to looser sexual beings, but apparently if this research is to be believed, that isn’t the case. It’s just the opposite.

atlanta america's most chivalrous city
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America's Most Chivalrous Cities

In a recent "chivalry smack-down" between five major cities, young women and elderly men were stationed on high-traffic corners and loaded up their arms with boxes until they were visibly struggling to hold them. Which cities were the most helpful, and which gave the struggling shoppers the cold shoulder?

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Report Finds That College Graduates Have Better Marriages

The National Marriage Project has released a new state of unions report indicating that marriages are more stable among Americans who have a four-year college degree or more. According to the latest national data, "Middle Americans," defined as the 58 percent of Americans with a high school education but no college degree, have a lower marriage success rate than their affluent counterparts.

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Is DNA Really To Blame For Cheating, Promiscuity?

Remember that boyfriend you dumped years ago? The one who couldn't seem to be faithful to you to save his soul? Well, maybe he couldn't help it. Really. A new study out of Binghamton University State University of New York suggests that people who cheat may have a gene variant that's driving them to do so. New research shows cheating and promiscuity are in our genes. Can we really blame DNA?