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10 Easy Ways To Be As Happy As The Danish

Once again Denmark comes out on top as being home to the happiest people in the world. According to new research, the reason behind their happiness has to do with their genetics. They have a certain version of a gene that influences brain levels of the mood chemical serotonin. But if your DNA is far from being Danish, don't worry — there's still hope. Try these 10 easy things that have been scientifically proven to make you happier.

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25.9% people in a stinky room had a negative response to gay marriage.
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The Weird Thing That Makes People Unsupportive Of Gay Marriage

A group of scientists from the University of Arkansas recently teamed up to experiment how our sense of smell can sway our political bias, including our opinions of same-sex marriage. That sounds legitimately interesting enough, right? But what they discovered was pretty disgusting (and I'm not talking about the stink).

Love on, kids.
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Young Love Can Make You Less Neurotic? Um, Sign Me Up

Okay, first off, did you know that 'young love' technically encompasses loving relationships from ages 18-30? Well you do now. And did you also know that according to a new scientific study that the feeling of being in love is actually a 'measurable psychological occurrence'? Combine these two, and you've got a cure for neuroticism.

Fat man chooses unhealthy food
Men are 25 percent more likely to be overweight after marriage.
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It's Science: The Reason Married Men Let Themselves Go

A study published by Families, Systems, and Health journal followed 2,300 young adults in the Midwest and discovered men are 25 percent more likely to be overweight after marriage, compared to single men or even those in relationships. Find out what unhealthy choice married men are making.