quickie divorce

When You Must Return Wedding Gifts

A quickie divorce sometimes saves lots of pain down the road. But wedding guests feel a little ripped off. Amy Dickinson of Ask Amy fame is a little bent out of shape that a couple who knew their marriage was heading for an annulment even before the wedding is being intransigent about returning the wedding gifts. The couple is totally out of line, victory to Amy Dickinson.


Grand Opening, Grand Closing: A 1-Day Marriage

A Polish couple in Germany could not make it through that crucial first night (not even primae noctis) of marriage before splitting up. On their wedding night, a fight during the reception (involving a knife and an attempted forced haircut) made the couple realize that an annulment was probably a good idea. A divorce and a wedding on the same night is some strange love.

NEB, erection, tent

55-Hour Erections Are Not Fun

In weird news about strange love, a prisoner named Dawud Yaduallah is suing the state of New York for failing to treat his Priapism. This brings up an interesting question, when does an erection go from being funny to being dangerous? Also, learn what the acronyms NEB and ED mean... to guys.


Bad Ideas: Cutting Your Penis Off For Love

A man in Egypt, in a classic Romeo And Juliet scenario, decided that he would rather undergo castration (self-castration) then go into an arranged marriage instead of marrying his sweetheart. While his resolution is almost (almost) commendable, this course of action cannot be recommended. Eunuchs have less fun, it's often been said.

alberto cutie

Miami Priest In Hetero Scandal

The Catholic Church has been struggling a bit lately. They seem to be dealing with scandal after scandal and losing some amount of their flock. Miami priest Alberto Cutie was a bright star on the rise. But it's surfaced that the charming Father may have broken his vow of chastity (with an adult woman). Be prepared for a new conversation about whether Catholics should allow priests to be married.

hot for teacher

Erotic Fiction Gets Teacher In Hot Water

A teacher in the West Yorkshire hamlet of Mytholmroyd has been disciplined (possibly fired) for publishing a book of erotic fiction. It should be noted that Leonora Rustamova's (Ms. Rusty) writing featured some of her students as characters. Parents did not care for this. Not one bit. "Stop! Don't Read This!" has been pulled from the internet but Ms. Rusty is still in trouble.

sperm, capacitation

Getting Sperm In The Mood

It turns out that sometimes sperm needs a little pick-me-up to fertilize an egg. The galvanizing (steeling, really) is called capacitation. So, it looks like the guy's end of baby-making isn't just some mechanical process. Also, Doc Morris Pharmacies in Germany have a crazy condom ad that may entice you to take prophylactics a little more seriously.


Chatting Up Chicks The Vassar Way

A class at Vassar College entitled "The Language Of Ladies" failed to make it to it's second lecture. Word on the street is that the course was deemed offensive by some and discontinued. Student-lecturer Daniel Abramson has to be somewhat disappointed. It looks like dudes will have to find some other way to learn talking to women and the sweet art of seduction.

library book

The Curious Caper Of The Missing Sex Book

Em & Lo have a doozy about a sex book missing from a public library in Michigan. The book, their Sex: How To Do Everything, was inadvertently found in the library by a pastor called Brian Henley and he expressed his dismay at the book's placement not in then adult section of the library. Later, all the library's copies of the book went missing. It's a mystery.