This Man Really Doesn't Want To Get Married

You know how some guys really just seem hesitant to get married? Maybe they have some commitment phobia or think that putting a ring-a-ding on it will steal their youth. There are as at least as many reasons as there are common-law married couples for cold feet. Well, not sure if you've seen this video but this gentleman's feet were approaching absolute zero.

Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

Bride Challenges Groom To A Cake-Eating Contest

A professional competitive eater named Hall Hunt decided that you cannot stop being who you are even on your wedding day. He married a 25-year-old named Emily Wright and, in a tip of the cap to his part-time vocation, they had a wedding cake eat-off. And for extra strange love, the two invited competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut to enter the fray.

man in suit presenting small gift box

A Lotto Ticket: The Best Wedding Gift Ever?

In some places, it is customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding and/or engagement gifts. But all these guys with their monogrammed letter openers, Waterford salad bowls, and coupons for snuggles and car detailing got nothing on this fellow from the Show Me state. In Missouri, a man gave his bride a winning lotto ticket.

couple necking in car

How To Get It On While Driving

A woman from New Jersey picked up a man in her car and began performing a sex act on him (you have exactly one guess which one) and they crashed into something or other. The car was then set afire and she decided to tell Johnny Law that her ride was taken from her at gunpoint. But police are good at figuring out obvious lies and busted her. She should have followed this guide to car sex.

woman hugging man and checking phone behind his back

20% Of People Have Sexted The Wrong Person

Everyone has sent a text message, perhaps amorous in nature, and re-read it after it made its way into the electronic communication soup. Did you fat-finger a word or two? Did T9 predictively text mangle your words? Once, I ended a text to a platonic friend with "I love you," which is way more embarrassing than saying it as you hang up the phone. I had to write back immediately that I was on a very powerful cough medication. But inadvertently sending a spicy little note to someone... can you imagine the embarrassment?

married couple outside wedding vendor

The 9 Worst Retail Chains For A Wedding

As you're probably aware, a number of kooky couples have recently thrown their weddings in retail locations or restaurant chains. Wal-Mart held a contest. A couple did it themselves in a Home Depot. And Taco Bell and TJ Maxx also made the list. But there are worse (and in some ways even awesomer) places to get hitched.

cops on little kid bikes

Judge Orders Couple To Erect "Divorce Wall"

A real Shecky Green of a judge in Williamsburg, NY (that's hipsterville, USA) has told a splitting couple to put up a "divorce wall" in their Victorian home, as the husband refuses to move out. The couple, Pinchs and Nechama Gold, are Orthodox Jews who have been together for 21 years. Things, however, just aren't working. Unfortunately, New York is the last of the lower 48 states to still forbid no-fault divorces, so the couple has been forced to find a way to blame each other for the separation they both so desperately desire.


$30K Prize For Solving Taiwan's Fertility Problem

As you likely know, the island nation of Japan is on the losing end of a population battle. It's not that the oldsters are making things miserable for the younger folks with measures like adding stool softener to the drinking water. It's just that young people aren't making babies fast enough. There must be something in the water in that section of the Pacific, as the island nation of Taiwan is having troubles making babies too. Maybe there's some industrial pollutant making its way from the Yangtze River into the East China Sea. Whatever the case, the country that calls itself the Republic of China has one of the lowest birthrates, and it's up to the Ministry of the Interior to get the population a-procreating.

chinese army

China Bans Soldiers From Online Dating

To date the Chinese government has had a one-child policy, they shutdown a sex theme park before it got off the ground, they're making a major push for safe sex and they've clamped down on internet dating sites on grounds of prostitution. And now they're taking a little different approach to the love lives of their soldiers; they are clamping down on what their soldiers do online… including but not limited to online dating.

money and wedding bouquet

Couple Loses Over $3,000 In Wedding Cash

When it comes to weddings, the photographs are a Big Deal. But an even bigger part of the wedding is the gifts. Some companies have literally made their fortunes with gift registries. But not everyone wants to order off the menu, and many wedding guests give cash. After receiving a ton of green at their wedding, a Pennsylvania couple nearly lost over $3,000 as their wedding album, stuffed with the cash, fell off of their car as they drove away.

two little bridesmaids

Record-Setting Bride Has Over 100 Bridesmaids

Nailing down a wedding list is not an easy thing. Nailing down the cast of the wedding party is even tougher. You never know who's gonna catch feelings, so sometimes you have to ask a few extra people. A dance instructor in Ohio decided not to make enemies at her studio and invited all 110 students to be in her wedding. In a word: adorable.

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Indonesian Man Marries Cow

The story goes that a young villager from a village called Yeh Embang was briefly enchanted by a member of the bovine species and, I'll be damned, made it with that cow. Clearly, we're dealing with somewhat less than a full deck OR the young man was accurate in his assessment that the cow shape shifted into the form a comely woman and seduced him. His friends and neighbors were nearly as incredulous as you or I may have been and solved the bestiality problem the only way you can: feeding the beast.

satellite dish

"Gaydar" Still Not A Real Thing

The dang Dutch are at it again. After terrorizing us with wooden shoes and windmills for what feels like decades, they then allowed their name to be associated with crummy stuff like Von Dutch hats and Dutch ovens (not the thick-walled cooking vessel). And now they're trying to convince us that "gaydar" exists. But the study has many holes in it, and it seems as if a few too many assumptions are being made.


Using A Hitman On Your Spouse To Be Extra Illegal

A very strange case in California has highlighted the need for revisions to the law. It's currently not possible to make any money from a divorce if you've attempted or succeeded in murdering your spouse, but you can still get divided communal assets if you hire or attempt to hire someone to do the deed. Many people feel this loophole is unfair, against the spirit of the law and should be closed as soon as it is convenient for everyone involved.

adult couple on swingset

Lawsuit Proves Chicago Couple Aren't Swingers

What happens between consenting adults behind closed doors is fine with you. You're not uptight! You did some crazy things in college, and you're no square. Still, there are some things you just don't want to see. Like swingers. Read on to see how a series of emails in the Chicago area led a couple, who say they were not engaged in the lifestyle, to sue a busybody neighbor.