broken heart mending
Strong marriages can survive sexual betrayal.
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Can Your Marriage Recover From An Affair?

For many, an affair is a deal-breaker. It's the end of the relationship, a sign that the spouses need to move on, and a black and white issue with little recourse. But in longer marriages, especially when kids are involved, infidelity doesn't have to end the marriage. Some marriages can recover.

Kourtney And Kim Take New York
Kourtney & Kim Take New York premiered Sunday, despite all the Kardashian boycotts.
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Kourtney & Kim Take New York: The Whiny B**ches Are Back

No matter how many signatures they gathered, the Kardashian boycotters' efforts were a bust, and season two of Kourtney & Kim Take New York premiered last night in all of its glory. And thank goodness they didn't win, because this was some good stuff.

woman sex orgasm
Double the (sexual) pleasure, double the fun.
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The Secret To Sexual Pleasure Like You've Never Experienced

It seems like women have a lot going on in their pubic area. While it may sound confusing and seem overwhelming, it's not. In fact, most of it is pretty amazing. Especially if you know the right areas. It's time to tell you all about the blended orgasm.

occupy wall street
Emery Abdel-Latif and Micha Balon said "I do" last Sunday right in Zuccotti Park.
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Look! A Zuccotti Park Wedding For Two OWS Protesters!

Occupy Wall Street campers may have been evicted — or even arrested — last night, but their constant clashes with the New York Police Force won't stop them from continuing to bond over this movement ... or even prevent them from falling in love.

The three things that keep marriage afloat: money, family and sex.
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6 Signs You're Headed For Marital Bliss

With the divorce rate being what it is these days, marriage definitely isn't something to take lightly. After all, most of us aren't anything like a certain reality star whose reputation is currently at major risk for her speedy marital shenanigans. Most of us want to be completely sure we're compatible with our potential life partner before zipping down the aisle.

penn state sandusky joe paterno
What should Penn State's Mike McQueary have done when he saw Jerry Sandusky abuse a child?
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What Would You Do If You Saw A Child Being Sexually Abused?

If you saw a child getting raped, what would you do? Mike McQueary had that very decision to make on March 1, 2002. He saw a 10-year-old boy getting raped in a locker room shower by, for all intents and purposes, his boss, Jerry Sandusky.

jerry sandusky
Posting this photo of former Penn State asst. coach Jerry Sandusky made us want to hurl.
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How Could Sandusky's Wife Not Have Known He Was A Child Molester?

As we try to process all the sordid and unbelievable details of the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal, it's hard not to wonder what his wife, Dottie, must be going through right now. I can only imagine she is as horrified and shocked as the rest of the world, as most any wife would be. But I also wonder if she is now looking back on the past 15 years and questioning how she couldn't have seen the clues more clearly.

"OMG. Do you think I'll get divorced, too?" Divorce is not contagious like the flu, dummy.
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10 Things You Should Never Say To A Divorced Woman

I won't go into the dirty details, but trust me when I say that my divorce was the saddest and most painful thing that's ever happened to me. What made it worse? The really dumb things that people would say when I told them my husband and I were no longer together.

hot elevator sex
Have you ever had sex in an elevator?
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50 Ways To Improve Your Sexual Connection Tonight

In celebration of my latest book, Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight, I've decided to round up 50 sexy or sex-filled things that you can do — easily. Well, depending on the kids and time, and without much prep, to help keep things cayenne-pepper hot in the sexy time department. And I want you to add to the list too, please!

How Facebook Is Ruining Your Marriage
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How Facebook Is Ruining Your Marriage

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. In fact, my brother's cat has his own account (although his updates are sadly lackluster). But along with learning who recently ate a burrito for lunch, it turns out that Facebook and other social networking sites are being named as cause for ruining many marriages.

Classy Prince Harry Hits On Women The Right Way
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Classy Prince Harry Hits On Women The Right Way

Our Hare Bear may just be as perfect as we think he is. In San Diego for Apache helicopter training, Prince Harry has been seen out and about at downtown hot spots getting his drink and his flirt on with a bevy of well-appointed women. Everyone's falling in love with the ginger spare to the throne and I can totally see why. He came to the rescue of a girl who was thrown in a pool and now another lucky lady is speaking out about her encounter with our beloved Prince. She has nothing but nice things to say!

sex happy couple
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40 Ways To Get In The Mood For Sex

If you're one of those people who are always and forever in the mood for sex, then well done, you! But other women — whether it's because they're tired, stressed, or just not into it — need a bit of inspiration to get the juices flowing.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi Giancola from 'Jersey Shore'
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5 Reasons 'Jersey Shore's' Sammi Sweetheart Is Better Off Single

"Ron, I'm done! No seriously, bro, I'm DONE! You ... don't deserve ME. DONE!" The infamous reality TV couple Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has finally called it quits. I'm sure it won't be long until Ronnie starts running back to Sam, but hopefully she stands her ground this time. Just in case Sammi has a moment of weakness and decides to take her former beau back, I've compiled a list to remind her that Ron is the worst boyfriend in the world and she's better off single.

Zachary Quinto
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Actor Zachary Quinto: 'I'm A Gay Man'

If actor Zachary Quinto of American Horror Story, Star Trek, and Margin Call wanted the world to know he was gay, he'd probably tell us. But in fact, it appears that, until now, Quinto actually preferred to keep his sexual orientation private. He's never talked about it openly.