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Has science gone too far in helping us avoid getting a divorce?
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6 Ridiculous Divorce Stats That Will Give You Nightmares

Want to know the right age to get married? There is a statistic for that. Does living together before you walk down the aisle prevent divorce? There's a statistic for that, too. See more divorce facts and why you should probably ignore them.

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Report Finds That College Graduates Have Better Marriages

The National Marriage Project has released a new state of unions report indicating that marriages are more stable among Americans who have a four-year college degree or more. According to the latest national data, "Middle Americans," defined as the 58 percent of Americans with a high school education but no college degree, have a lower marriage success rate than their affluent counterparts.

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What You Don't Know About American Singles

Let me tell you, the numbers on unmarried people are so surprising. I am one and I couldn't believe 'em! Check out what the census and other studies have shown about us unwed Americans. Hey, it might help you get your Grandpa to STFU with those spinster jokes!


The Best Of The Web: Tiny Apartments & Your Purse

Living together in a really tiny apartment. How to be a bad boyfriend. Chaps who go to all-boys schools become bad boyfriends, usually. What the contents of her purse mean. Learning love from the Jersey Shore. Surprising stats about sex and fidelity. Joy Behar says Rachel Utichel is a hooker (more or less). Maybe monogamy is the unusual thing, hmmm? Delving into the meaning of mixed tapes. Alienation of affection. Loving her feet and disclosing a foot fetish. When you discover someone who is almost, nearly "the one." And why didn't he call you back?

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Online Dating Sites Are Lying To Us (Maybe)

EHarmony claims in television and online ads that 2% of people who got married last year in the U.S. met through their site. Earlier this year, a media kit boasted that twelve marriages and engagements a day could be credited to their site. And Marcus Frind, chief executive and founder of Plenty of Fish says his dating site brings about 100,000 marriages a year. For those of us who are proponents of online dating, these statistics — at first glance — seem promising. But are they really reliable, or are they — as Mark Twain once said of all statistics — just lies?

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Survey: Most Americans Married By 40

Wondering if you'll ever get married? According to new federal data, you probably will. According to a study of almost 13,000 people, about 80 percent of Americans are married by age 40. A more general finding shows that 70 percent of people ages 25 – 44 have been married at least once.

What's The Ideal Age To Marry?
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What's The Ideal Age To Marry?

The facts: According to USA Today, Americans are getting hitched later than ever—the median marriage age is the oldest it's been since the census started tracking the stat in 1890: 25.6 for women and 27.5 for men. Back in the late nineteenth century we were at 26 for men and 22 for women; marriage ages reached a low in the early 60s, when men wed at 22 and women at 20. Since then we've been waiting longer and longer.