casual spring date look
Casual spring date? Here's what you should wear.
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7 Spring Outfits For Every Kind Of Date

Judging from the beautiful weather, spring has officially arrived. With any luck, temperatures will warm up even more soon, which means you'll finally be able to retire your puffer and snow boots. So if you've got a few dates lined up for the new season and nothing to wear, click through for 7 fresh spring date outfit ideas!

Easter dress
This striped dress by Ralph Lauren is perfect for spring.
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10 Adorable Easter Dresses You'll Love For Your Kids

Aside from the sacrament of Eucharist, Easter is a celebration of springtime frivolity, where egg hunts and garden parties run aplenty. Get into the spirit and outfit your own leading lady (your daughter) in a sweet Easter dress. And it just so happens that some of our favorite childrenswear lines are offering some of the cutest pieces just in time for the holiday.

3 Ways To Bloom During This Spring
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3 Ways To Bloom During This Spring

With the change of the season and the beginning of a new quarter, now is a good time to take a look at all those “New Year’s Resolutions”; what have you done towards accomplishing them?  Did you forget about them?  Are you tired of starting a task but not finishing it, or feeling stuck and unhappy?  It is time to wake up and bloom during this spring.  Spring is typically a season most people think that rebirth and renewal happens.  Yes that means it is time to get up off your butt and start to put energy and time behind your heart’s desire

spring couple
Spring into love!
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Why Spring Is The Season Of Love

If you do a Google images search of the word "springtime," pages come up full of colorful wildflowers, fluffy animals and couples enjoying romantic outdoor moments. So, gorget about those New Year's resolutions. Springtime is about new beginnings, shedding old habits, cleaning out your closet and finding new love.