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Places to Find Love Outside of Your Local Bar

Places to Find Love Outside of Your Local Bar

When you’re single, finding love seems to be similar to finding the Holy Grail – almost impossible, and the harder you try, the further away you seem to be. As many men and women will tell you, the bar scene simply isn’t the ideal place to meet the significant other of your dreams, especially if you’re not the most confident person in your group or want to make sure you don’t look for romance in the bottom of a bottle of wine.

Couples: How To Win His Heart During The World Cup
A man needs his sports. Don't feel neglected. Show your support, instead!
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Married To A Soccer Fan? 3 Ways To Enjoy The World Cup Together

The World Cup happens every four years and gathers fans from all over the world to tune in. This means for the next month, your man will be consumed by his masculine need for sports entertainment. Don't let this come between you. Show your support and enjoy his happiness, instead. Read on for tips by relationship experts Claudette & Shelley.

Don Zimmer and his wife, Soot
Ever since saying 'I do' at home plate, these two are almost as legendary as his career.
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Married At Home Plate: The Love Story Of Baseball's Don Zimmer

Don Zimmer or "Popeye" was an iconic baseball player, manager and coach, who passed away today. Sports fans already know his illustrious career on the field, but fewer people know about the second love of his life: his wife of 60-plus years, "Soot." In 1951, he married Carol Jean Bauerle, the girl he been dating since the 10th grade. They exchanged "I do's" at home plate during a minor league game in New York. And as for their less-than-conventional wedding theme? "I'd do it again," she said.

Erin Andrews
"It helps that he knows sports and understands my life," Andrews says about her new love.
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Exclusive! Erin Andrews: 'Michael Strahan Was My Matchmaker!'

Dancing with the Stars fans will remember Erin Andrews from season 10, where she tangoed her way to a third place finish with partner Maks Chmerkovskiy. This Super Bowl Sunday, Andrews will be filling a less physical and undoubtedly colder role as sideline reporter for Fox Sports at the NFL showdown between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, which kicks off live from New Jersey's outdoor MetLife Stadium at 3:30 p.m. ET. Off the field, the 35-year-old Maine native is involved with an athlete, too — read on!

sports obsessed guys
"If a guy is into sports, I'm not into them. I just consider it an incompatibility."
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What Women Really Think ... Of Your Sports Obsession

As the holiday seasons draws to a close, we asked women their thoughts on the sports guys in their life, especially during the holidays. Is it something with which just to deal, but draw the line at throwing things at the TV? Or are sports games off limits during holiday family time — no matter how much their guy throws a tantrum over the decision?

Marriage: 10 Hottest Wives in Hockey
Henrik Zetterberg and Emma Andersson.
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10 Hottest Wives in Hockey

Yes, winter is here! With it comes hockey season. And with hockey comes hockey marriages! The hottest wives in the sport have been assembled here for your enjoyment. So get viewing!

Relationship Expert: Make Room For Game Season
Don't get annoyed if your guy wants to zone out! Use the time to do your own thing.
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Lost Your Guy To Game Season? It's A Good Thing!

Sports season can be frustrating for many couples: while men tend to use a big game as a means of escape, their partners become frustrated or feel left out. This relationship expert explains why using this time to recharge can be healthy for both of you!