black friday shopping
The couple that learns how to shop together stays together.
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The Black Friday Survival Guide For Couples

Planning on venturing out with your partner on Black Friday to make a dent in your holiday shopping? Congratulations: you're braver than me. Shopping with your significant other can be a difficult task even in the best of times; holiday shopping under pressure — with frantic shoppers shoving you aside to nab the last $2 countertop appliance — can be a recipe for a relationship disaster. Have you seen Walmart at midnight on Black Friday? It's enough to drive even the most loving, centered couple to the brink of bitter, nasty bickering.

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Tea-time for two? Don't mind if we do.
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3 Cheap, Classy Date Ideas Around The Country

Unfortunately, the cost of a classy outing can often be just that: costly. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. "Class" is just another way of exhibiting refinement and being in-step with the times—these concepts don’t need to be tied to a plump price tag.

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Is it any of your partner's business that you bought those overpriced shoes on payday?
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Survey Says Women Tend To Hide Spending Habits From Men

With more and more couples choosing cohabitation over marriage each year, the idea of couples sharing money matters is no longer reserved just for married folks. But what exactly are they sharing? The bills, for sure, because they have to — but what about the other things they spend their money on?

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Would you date someone with different spending habits from yours?
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4 Tax Day Facts About Singles & Money

If the barrage of reminders on your television haven't been enough to keep you informed, today is Tax Day, the deadline to file your taxes to see just how much cash you are getting back from (or owe) the lovely government.

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Would you change your spending habits for a romantic partner?
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Tax Day: Let's Talk About Singles' Spending Habits

Relax—if you and your man have different ideas about what to do with your hard-earned cash (i.e. you like to save, he likes to spend), you can still have a healthy, romantic relationship, according to a new study from that focused on love and money.

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How Combining Our Finances Helped Our Marriage

These days, I don't feel guilty when I spend money on myself because I know I had his back when he was starting a new career, and I know he has mine. I also know that money has nothing to do with how much we love each other. It's just paper. Sometimes one will make more than the other, sometimes one will spend more than the other. In the end, it has a way of balancing itself out.

Poll: Are Your Spending Styles In Sync?

Poll: Are Your Spending Styles In Sync?

Poll: Are Your Spending Styles In Sync?: We are totally in sync. We've worked out a financial plan and we stick to it. We both spend what we want. Not really an issue as long as we each don’t go overboard. One of us is spender, the other is a saver. I'm not saying who is who! Money is an issue for us, and I think it's hiding deeper problems.

Paying For It

Paying For It

A study regarding spending habits and partners, shows that men who spend more money generally have more sex partners. Women who spend more recklessly, do not necessarily, have more sexual partners. This probably knocks out any question of who pays for the first date. Donald Trump suggests that ambition and libido are inexorably intertwined. This has probably only been going on for a few millennia but researcher Daniel Kruger thinks it could be to blame for our current financial dire straits.

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Sometimes Financial Opposites Attract

A Minneapolis couple are planning on getting married. Before they do, they have to settle a few financial differences. It turns out that he makes a lot of money, but spends even more. And she makes a good salary but squirrels it all away. How is this couple going to make it last? Find out.