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How To Speed Flirt Your Way To New Love

Earlier this month, YourTango celebrated the very first Break Up With Your Ex Day. In addition to providing readers with tons of tools and and advice on how to delete an ex from one's life, YourTango also teamed up with the folks behind the film Love Stalker in order to provide those in the New York area with a hands-on way to move on from the past and move forward with true love (or... um... unbridled lust).

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30 Speed Dating Dos And Don'ts

Speed dating is a strange concept--no question there. Meeting strangers for three-minute increments, trying to decipher chemistry and compatibility before the bell rings, and then starting the get-to-know-you conversation all over again... Strange as it may be, it can be a lot of fun and, judging by its staying power, it's a decent way to meet someone. Before you give speed dating a try, check out some dos and don'ts from YourTango's Experts.

Advice for men romance in marriage With Your Adult Partner

Advice for men romance in marriage With Your Adult Partner

 Whether married one year, five or fifty, there are tiny romantic things men can do to tell their wives they still care. Be careful with your compliments. Don't criticize your wife's housekeeping, body shape or cooking style, and then give her a little kiss on the cheek, even if you think you're doing her a favor. It's phony, and women don't buy it. Women like to feel acknowledged. If you come home to a disheveled house, give her that kiss on the cheek and ask if she had a bad day.

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Speed Plating: Speed Dating For Foodies

Speed Plating, celebrity chef Danny Boome’s brainchild, is a little speed dating shindig at a restaurant where each participant noshes on every course with a different date—four in all at 20 minutes each. The combination of creative, aphrodisiac-conscious yet unpretentious food and the unlimited bubbly had me at hello.

Meet, Play, Date: Online Dating Goes Brick and Mor

Meet, Play, Date: Online Dating Goes Brick and Mor

There was a time, not too long ago, when Saturday was the unofficial date night. Technology in all its guises has changed the playing field. With the onslaught of location-based applications, dating in Internet time has been accelerated to mobile minutes, making it possible for singles to make instant connections premised on proximity.

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Being Popular Makes You More Attractive

Groupthink applies even to romance, it seems. According to a recent Indiana University study, one is considerably more appealing to suitors if they get the impression you're popular and in-demand. Overwhelmingly, they found that if others find you adequately charming, those looking on will, too. Sometimes securing a date is as easy as others finding you attractive. My we are an impressionable lot, aren't we?

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Flittering: Where Twitter And Flirting Meet

Look out Twitterverse, there's a new game in town: Flittering. Because the world has gone portmanteau-crazy, Flitter, as a proper noun, means to flirt via Twitter. People go to great lengths to get in on semi-anonymous Flitter action. Singles events, it seems, have to include more than drinks and flirting. People need a gimmick and a company called FastLife is ready to give it to them.

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Notes From The World's Largest Speed Dating Event

Speed dating isn't a new concept for me. I've tried it once before, and it was a surprisingly painless experience. Hey, I even got a nice, legit second date out of it. But they'd always been relatively small, low-key deals where I'd meet 10 or 12 guys by the end of the night. Not so at the Find Your Luvah speed-dating event held over the weekend in Hoboken, N.J., which organizers hoped would break the world record for number of microdates. I was one of 350 people simultaneously speed-dating, which made it the largest event of its kind in history. With so many people talking in one room and the potential to meet so many guys, I wasn't really nervous. I was, however, overwhelmed by the sheer number of people.

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Get A Man Straight Off The Conveyor Belt

Just last week, we wrote about the possible benefits of mobile dating, the most attractive of which is plain and simple convenience. But at the warp speed at which technology moves, this is suddenly not convenient enough for us anymore. Why get your man off an iPhone app or the Internet when you can more easily get him off a conveyor belt?

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Want Love? Take Initiative. Here's Why.

Researchers for Finkel & Eastwick watched a group of men and women speed date. They think men may be more selective if women did more pursuing, and similarly women were pickier when the men did the chasing. What can we learn from this? To be assertive in our love lives. Stop waiting for them to happen to us.

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3 Dates A Day Leads Man To Marriage

Some folks believe that falling in love is a matter of fate—trusting that if they go about their lives, they'll meet their soul mates. Others approach it with the strategy of a business investment. Ron James, 48, for example, contacted hundreds of women—sometimes going on three dates in one day(!)—until he met the right one.

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What's Your...DNA?

Can DNA predict that elusive quality in the love equation known as "spark"? According to Tamara Brown, founder of the website, it can, reports Sally McGrane for Time magazine. The Switzerland-based company makes love connections based on genes, or one particular family of genes known as human leukocyte antigens (HLAs).

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3 Dating Excuses We Just Don't Buy

Hello there, single ladies. Yes, that's right. We're looking at you. Not to worry, though. We are fully on your side. But, we also did take silent note recently at a gathering of our dinner club, comprised of working women who are single, attractive, smart and successful (catches, one might say) who were sitting single in a room.

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Skype To Meet Speed Dating

A company out of New Zealand is coming out with an application that turns a Skype account into a rig for speed dating. The program, Skyecandy, will allow users to input profile info and desired characteristics and they will be connected with a compatible person via Skype for a quick internet date. This sounds like it really has some merit. The downside is that it part of speed dating efficacy is proximity.

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Strangers Are The Best Decision Makers

A study was released from Harvard University today claiming strangers knows better than you on what will make you happy. The study claims if you haven't tried something (or someone) asking someone who has (and taking their advice) is a better choice than stubbornly trying it on your own and being disappointed. This is chancy and far-fetched, we know, but these researchers swear on their Ivy League credentials that experience is way overrated, and a word to the wise is just time saved in the end.