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The iPhone 5 was announced today: Will you get one?
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iPhone 5 Madness: Would You Date A Guy Without A Smartphone?

It's a dreary weekday morning. You're on your way to Starbucks to
 get your Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte, and while you're waiting in line, you start 
chatting it up with a cute guy in front of you. He's hilarious and you
 guys are really hitting it off. Before he leaves, he asks for your
 number. As you start giving it to him, he pulls out an old flip phone.
 This hot guy is saving your number into an old Motorola RAZR. So, is it a 

Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook [EXPERT]
Think before you post!
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Bad Breakup? How NOT To Embarrass Yourself On Facebook

Breaking up with someone has never been easy, but in this age of status updates, checking in and documenting your every move online, it's only getting harder. Not only do you have to find a way to remove your ex from your real life, but you've got to hit delete on their digital presence as well.

July 30: Join @MensLifeToday & @YourTango's Twitter Party!
"Guess what, dear? We're going to a Twitter party!"
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July 30: Join @MensLifeToday & @YourTango's Twitter Party!

Want to talk out your dating and relationship problems with people who spend over 40 hours a week thinking and writing about this stuff? You should join @YourTango and @MensLifeToday for a Twitter party where we discuss all things love and sex with our expert "dudeitor" Tom Miller. Ahem, excuse us, @tomfoolerytm. Use the hash tag #menslifetoday.

3 Ways To Overcome Jealousy
Things to remember when the green-eyed monster creeps up on you.
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3 Ways To Overcome Jealousy

Aristotle defined envy as the pain caused by the good fortune of others. Often used interchangeably, but not to be confused with, jealousy (which describes the fear of losing something), envy is longing for something you don't have. In the case of Snow White, the object of the evil Queen's envy was her youth and beauty.

woman yawning in bed
Is that really the first thing on her mind in the morning?

Relationship Fail: Good Mornin' World, My Boyfriend Loves Me!

It's perfectly normal for a guy to text his girlfriend with "good morning" to get her in a good mood for the day. Going through the hassle of taking a screenshot of this ordinary text and uploading it to a social media platform for the world to see, however, is not normal.

sunshine emoticons
An example of what text messages look like between this couple

Relationship Fail: You Are My Cute, Little, Adorkable Sunshine

If your friends on Facebook and Twitter keep asking how old you are, you may want to reconsider your use of emoticons, winkies, smiley faces and beating heart icons in your updates. The days of Lisa Frank cuteness are over, toots. It's time to grow up and accept the boring lines and excel spreadsheets of adulthood.

Twitter love: "Ooh, baby, your Klout score really turns me on!"
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Online Dating Site Matches Singles Based On ... Twitter Habits?

When trying to pick out a mate, what qualities do you think creates the strongest attraction and greatest possibility of success? Is it your looks, your sense of humor, or your astrological sign? Those factors are so 20th century according to a new dating website that matches people up based on their social networking prowess on sites like Facebook and Twitter.