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Baby Bytes: "Are You Getting Any?"

Here at LoveMom, we bring you the love. Our weekly Baby Bytes bring you everything else. Here are this week's 5 must-click mom links: We ask: "Are you getting any?"We discuss which parts of pre-baby life you miss, along with what you long to add back to the little free time you have left. We find that modern-day women are losing their traditional "mom" skills, and a certain man has received the "Worst Husband Ever" award. Jerk.

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5 Secrets Of Couples Who Never Get Sick

When two people start a relationship, their joy is shared by friends, parents—and microorganisms. Those lucky little germs that once only had one person to invade now have a second body to consider home. You don't have much choice about accepting these new residents—there's plenty of evidence out there that shows when one person in a relationship is sick, the other is going to be fully exposed to his or her germs. If your immune system isn't up to the task of fighting off the microscopic enemies, you and your partner can help it out by taking some fairly easy steps to boost its chances.

Are You Really too Tired for Sex?
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Are You Really too Tired for Sex?

There’s a reason sleep is considered the new sex. I think exhaustion is very real and a big concern for couples. No doubt, there are many times when a couple is too tired to have sex. Generally though, being tired shouldn’t equate to a person’s motivation to have sex.

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1 In 4 Americans Are Too Tired For Sex

Sigh. It's been another long day and your feet hurt. By the time the TV is off, the dishes are washed, and you've donned a pair of baggy sweatpants, the only thing on your mind is making love. To your pillow, that is. Well, we know the feeling, and according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation one in four Americans who are married or living with someone do too. Yes, that's right; nearly 25 percent of the population is so sleep-deprived that they frequently find themselves skimping on sex in favor of slumber. What a shame. The Sleep In America poll focused on the differences in sleep habbits between ethnic groups. It sampled 1,007 adults aged 25-60, and respondents across the board confessed to frequently feeling too tired for sex. (21 - 26 percent of the time). Not Tonight: What's Behing Your Lackluster Libido What this really means is that we are a country of over-worked, over-tired, insomniacs who might as well sleep in twin beds. But that doesn't have to be the case! Your bed need not be forming icicles. With a few tweaks to your schedule, as well as your mind-set, you can have that queen bed rockin' once more!

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Sleep Your Way To A Better Relationship

Mom always got on us about getting our Z's every night. As annoying as that could be, as much as we wanted to stay up and talk on the phone/watch late night TV/read magazines, she was on to something. And who is the most sleep-deprived in our culture? You guessed it: single, working women and mothers. What do you think, can you and your S.O. vow to get a full night of sleep every night for a month?

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9 Signs You Should Make Him Engagement Chicken

Everyone knows that there are a few signs that he's a keeper. Usually these good signs include thoughtfulness and various degrees of compatibility. But what about complaining and arguing? Here are a few unconventional omens that should get you baking that engagement chicken.

Sleep May Affect Your Relationships

Sleep May Affect Your Relationships

Married women sleep better than those who are single? Apparently it’s true, according to an 8 year study released in June by The Pittsburgh School of Medicine, which found that women who are in good marriages get better quality zzz’s than those who spend their nights in bed alone.

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5 Things I Hate About My Marriage

Yes, I love my husband and family and wouldn't change a thing about our family unit. Now that I have made that obligatory statement, let me get to my point. There are certain issues that I have with the institution of marriage, which offers both wonderful benefits and incredible challenges, often in the same day. Here are the five things I hate about marriage.

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Morning Breath: A Turn-On?

Anyone who's been in love, lust or a variation of the sort knows about becoming attached to a scent. Tommy Hilfiger cologne, Old Spice deodorant with a hint of sweat, and Trident gum all come to mind. The funky side of this olfactory attraction is when the reminding scent happens to be an unpleasant one. Armpits, for example, are not famously sweet smelling. Yet, nestling into a man's nook and inhaling a mix of his natural body odor (likely with a trace of deodorant) can be oddly comforting, erotic or both. The same goes for morning breath.

A Good Night's Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

The importance of sleep may just save your relationship. It's fair to say that most women dig cuddling. It's fair to say that most dudes would prefer to sleep than snuggle. It's also fair to say that most ladies are not amused when their guys come back from the bar smelling like gin and wanting to get frisky. Respecting the sleep-time requests of your partner might just save your relationship.