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Get Skinny, Tan and Rich for FREE this Summer!

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pressure to be skinny
Many women would rather be underweight than a healthy weight.

The Pressure To Be Skinny: Women Do The Most Damage

From websites devoted to fat-shaming celebrities to "thinspiration" Pinterest boards, it’s safe to say there's a pervasive message out there: women should be skinny in order to be beautiful. And it's not men who are applying the pressure. Women are consistently more critical of other women than men are to women. Why are we so hard on one another?

Mariah Carey curvy
If you got it, flaunt it, Mariah!
Celebrity Love

13 Celebrities Who Look Better With Curves

The fact of the matter is, some celebs just plain ol' look better with a little meat on their bones. Men are always telling us that they find curves incredibly sexy, and the truth can be seen in stars like Nicki Minaj and

girl buttoning pants
Do you have a thin friend who thinks she's heavy?

Body Image: Help! My Skinny Friend Thinks She's Fat

If you have a friend whose physique you envy, but all she seems to do is talk badly about her body, it can be pretty tempting to shake her and scream "What's wrong with you?!" Unfortunately, we all know, that's unlikely to help. In this video, therapist, health coach and YourTango Expert Kris Henderson offers her best advice about how to be supportive to your friend who suffers from low self-esteem.

ananda marchildon
Dutch model Ananda Marchildon.
Love Buzz

Would You Call This Woman 'Too Fat'?

As if women didn't struggle with body image enough these days, the following news comes from Holland: "A former winner of the television show 'Holland's Next Top Model' has won a lawsuit against Elite Model Management after she was dropped for having hips the agency considered too large."

minka kelly
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Study Says Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

As a curvier brunette with very dark brown hair—maybe even light black—I find that, when it comes to men, I lose to blondes…a lot. That might sound ridiculous to you, but I bet it makes perfect sense to the blonde girl that, er, distracted a guy I was having a fling with my senior year of college. But who's bitter? (I am. I so, so am.)

woman mirror
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New Website Shows How Your Body Compares To Other Women's

We recently published a piece called "Is Your Body Image Hurting Your Love Life? 3 Ways To Change," which is all about how women need to stop the negative self-talk and embrace positive body images, flaws and all. But how does one do that when the media is filled with Jessica Albas and Rihannas (both of whom are literally staring at me right now from magazine covers), and the world is filled with douchebags who judge women based on appearance? New website My Body Image thinks it's helping.

woman looking in mirror
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7 Beauty Myths That Are Damaging Your Love Life

Very few things are as confusing as the link between what we think is beautiful, our self-image and our sexuality. What each of us perceives as beautiful or sexy is as varied as what you might eat for dinner. The biggest myth about finding love is that there is some perfect set of rules that leads to success. And this is just not true. No one is perfect. Pretty people and plain people alike struggle to find love and no one is immune to fears about ending up alone.

countries where curves are sexy
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5 Countries Where Skinny Isn't Sexy

Thanks to fashion magazines, fast food and size-0 actresses, American women live in a crazy funhouse mirror -- the more the obesity rate rises, it seems, the tinier and more unrealistic our idealized standards of beauty become. But is it that way all over the world? Globally, for most women, what determines beauty comes from more meaningful influences than Cosmo. We asked her to tell us about five countries who don't idealize the Keira Knightley physique -- though they each have their own set of body issues.