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He's Just Fine Being Single, Thanks

There are so many great things about being single. But by the way our friends, family, government and Olive Garden waitresses treat us, you'd think being single made you some tragic donkey, hopelessly alone and destined to careen off a cliff with no one around to hear your last heehaw. Guess what? Some of us are single by design. Some of us like it.

Are You The “Single Friend”?

Are You The “Single Friend”?

A single woman reflects on how her life when all her friends got engaged and married. "When, within six months, four members of my book club got engaged, I was confused. I mean, I knew what to say. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! But all I could think was: I thought we had a deal. It wasn't that I objected to the journey, but I hadn't packed yet. I am 25. I travel light. Were we really doing this? We were. Gift bags. Registry. Hospitality suite. Groom's cake. Morning jacket. Just like that, Book Club became Marriage Club. I didn't think it bothered me. I'd been in love with love since my sister and I designed Barbie and Ken's perfect date."