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Are You Still Single Because You're A Brooklyn Hipster?

Throughout history, certain groups, cultures, and religions have been hated for no other reason than the fact that they just happen to be THAT certain group, culture, or religion. But anyone who's taken the time to truly think about hate and realize it's a waste of energy can learn to be above it. Sure, stereotypes might exist for a reason, but stereotyping someone is never pretty.

Dating vs. Courting

Dating vs. Courting

Ladies, did you know that there is a big difference between dating and courting.  I know! I know! Most of us use the words interchangeably and we really need to stop doing that. I believe that alot of our heartache and pain stems from not knowing the difference between the two. If we know the difference between dating and courting and put what we know into practice, the dating scene would not be as complicated as it is today.  Relationships become complicated because we are in search for love but is going about it the wrong way to find it.

Make Him Obsessed With You
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Make Him Obsessed With You

Make Him Obsessed With You You're about to hear something so outrageous that it’s going to blow your mind out of this world!!! What you will hear in just a few moments about men, is going be so jaw dropping that you will think it’s insane to even listen to something so un real… Everything you have ever read about men, attraction, lust, and dating is going to be a lie after this crazy secret is revealed to you!!!!

Dating Coach: How 'A Christmas Carol' Can Help Your Dating Life
Do you need to be visited by the ghosts of your dating past, present and future?
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A 'Christmas Carol' Wish: Banish Your Bah-Humbug Dating Attitude

What does "A Christmas Carol" have to do with your dating life? A lot more than you think. Dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan uses the classic film to follow Ebbie Scrooge, a woman who's wasting her dating years complaining about men. Enter the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future to show Ebbie the error of her ways. Could you do with a visit from these spirits, too?

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This doesn't look very promising.

Evidently, There Are No Good Men Around

Dating is exhausting! We're often complaining about the lack of good men out there, but these experts pose an interesting question: are we showing up as good women? Learn how being your best self will help you attract someone amazing.

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"I'll ride my own white horse, thankyouverymuch."

Do Women Really Just Want To Be Saved?

Interdependent? Great! Codependent? Not so much. Here's some relationship and dating coach advice about the danger of relying on a man to fix you. Your guy should be the icing on your cake — not the entire thing.

Dating Advice: Are You Stuck As A Single? [VIDEO]
Sick of feeling lonely?

Are You Perpetually Single?

Do you ever feel like there's something wrong with you because you're still single? These relationship and dating experts explain that the problem isn't you — but that there ARE some actions you can take to be proactive on your search for love.

Online Dating: Why We're All Buying Into A Scam
Will a healthy dose of skepticism tip the scales in your favor?

Online Dating: Is It All Just One Big Web Of Lies?

Online dating advice encourages singles to sign up for monthly or yearly commitments on their search for love. The sites claim they can match you with your soulmate, but this relationship expert isn't so sure that's the case. Here's his theory on why online dating might not be the best path to true love.