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10 Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble [EXPERT]
Is your marriage in jeopardy?
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10 Signs Your Marriage Is In Trouble

What if you could identify the biggest indicators of a troubled marriage before it was too late? What if you had the chance to turn it all around? Would you seize the moment, even if it meant taking an unpleasant look at the reality of your relationship and digging in to repair the damage?

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5 Female Hints Guys Don't Get

Women communicate very subtly, and guys are looking for something more along the lines of a large neon sign declaring that you're willing to sleep with us or that you'd like to see us thrown through a plate glass window. The prices of neon and plate glass are through the roof though. So, until we learn to communicate better, here's a look at a few of the more subtle signals a woman might send that a guy will completely miss.


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How to score with a nerd. Some flirting men will not pick up. Some signals he can't possibly miss. Sometimes "no" means "yes," and other confusing communication. Celebrity pickup lines are pretty OK. Five words: sex advice from street vendors. What you need to know about the Nuva Ring. Wearing a hat on a date. Advice on winning back an ex. The bad guy in a breakup also really hurts. And how to date a real life real vampire, really.

10 Quick Ways To Tell If He's Right For You

10 Quick Ways To Tell If He's Right For You

The first impression your senses catch onto can tell you much about your chemistry, his personality and whether a man's looking for a fling or a relationship. Experts in a variety of fields from speed dating to psychic readings tell us to trust the natural signals we receive from flirting.