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Cyber Monday CyberMonday deals 2011
Cyber Monday is here! Time to score great deals on gifts for your loved ones.
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Our 10 Favorite Romantic Cyber Monday Gift Ideas!

Happy Cyber Monday! Time to get ah-mazing deals online, without having to shove people out of the way unceremoniously. Since we just love helping your love life blossom by suggesting the best holiday gifts for your special someone, we've handpicked our 10 favorite romantic gift ideas you can get deals on today.

Cosmo has some tips on what to do if you want to walk down the aisle. But do we agree?
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What Guys Think Links: 10 Steps To Becoming "Wife Material"

When he loathes your friends. When a lady gets caught in the friend zone. What do guys look for in a wife? He talks about his guilty pleasures. Going to your ex-wife's wedding AND loving it. Some of the web's worst sex advice. And why the orgasm should be a result not a goal, per se.

black friday love shopping cart
Can't buy me love! (But you can probably a really cheap giant heart on Black Friday.)
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5 Tips For Surviving Black Friday With Your Partner

Some people are real Black Friday devotees, perusing all the ads beforehand and dashing to the stores super-early. Others are casual strollers, merely people-watching and taking it all in. Even more people don't participate at all (or go online shopping instead).

woman choosing clothing for man
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Women Shop For More Than Half Of Men's Wardrobes

As women, by nature, we always knew we were a bit more fashion-savvy than our male counterparts, but we never realized just how much sway we really had in their style choices. When it comes to male wardrobes, guys rely on their wives and girlfriends to assemble more than half of the contents. Australia's Herald Sun reports that women pick out and purchase 51 percent of the clothing in their guys' closets, whereas the men themselves only buy 30 percent.

A young couple
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Dear Men, Here's What You Should Know About Women...

Have you ever wondered why men behave the way they do? Silly question. Of course you have. In his "Dear Women" letter, humorist Streeter Seidell aimed to clear a few things up. He explained some baffling male phenomena for us, like why men don't seem the least bit thrilled by a cute baby at the mall (it just isn't his baby) or the reason for their extreme horniness (equivalent to a female period, it's nature-induced so they can reproduce… oh, fine). We were enlightened, folks. So when he issued a call to women asking for any insights into the female brain, we felt we should write back. It's only fair. So, to all the guys out there, we hope our letter clears a few things up for you, as well.

woman jumping with shopping bags
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Surprise! Single Women Don't Shop Like Carrie Bradshaw

Single women, rejoice: The New York Times has confirmed that you aren't actually like Carrie Bradshaw. While pop culture's single women have a reputation bankrupting themselves on shopping sprees, the typical single woman actually spends her money on practical ventures like housing and transportation. In fact, single women spend less than 5 percent of their income on clothing, haircuts, manicures, and the like.

Bling It On! 10 Jewelry Buying Tips for Guys and Girls
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Bling It On! 10 Jewelry Buying Tips for Guys and Girls

Buying a gift? No other gift comes with more potential to be misunderstood than jewelry. Chosen carefully and given properly, jewelry can up your game in a relationship. But buy the bling blindly, and it’s game over. With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are some jewelry buying tips for guys and girls to help insure a positive gift giving experience.

royal wedding gnomes
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8 Hilarious Royal Wedding Souvenirs—Buy Yours Now!

In November 2010, an industry was born. Upon hearing of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement, scores of retailers scrambled to produce royal wedding memorabilia items that will inevitably sell for thousands of dollars on eBay one day. Here's our roundup of the most sentimental, strange and comically inappropriate commemorative items up for sale right now.

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How To Compromise For Christmas

My husband cannot shop. He’s awful at buying gifts. He tries really hard, but it’s just not his thing. One year, I got socks. Then there were the years where I got electronic gifts – fun for him, but not for me (and no woman really wants a clothes steamer as her big Christmas gift, no matter how useful it is). Once I got a fishing pole. He’s tried to buy jewelry, but I never like it.

suitcase full of womens shoes
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Is Your Shoe Collection Hurting Your Relationship?

Research is increasingly confirming that having lots of money doesn't necessarily make couples any happier. In fact, all those lotto horror stories could actually teach us something (other than that winninglottery numbers are actually a curse, thanks Lost): When it comes to our relationships, money doesn't buy happiness, but it can tear us apart.Yes, as the saying goes, "Mo money, Mo problems." So what's this have to do with your fetish for fancy footwear or penchant for designer handbags? After all, we get that a five million dollar jackpot is a little different than a few pricey additions to your closet.