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How Do I Get My Husband To Stop Being So Selfish? [VIDEO]
Is your man selfish?

Help! My Husband Is SO Selfish!

Do you feel like your man only cares about himself? Are you tired of him being selfish and not pulling his own weight in the relationship? If so, relationship coach, marriage and family therapist and YourTango Expert Sheryl Woodhouse can help.

To Pee or Not To Pee
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To Pee or Not To Pee

"Everyone goes to the loo. Everyone. So why are so many people shy and embarrassed about someone they are with seeing them sitting on the toilet? I think it’s because of what it is. It’s not attractive, I won’t lie. When you’re dating all you want is for someone to see you looking your best and God forbid, you, well, you know, fart, by accident.

The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms

The Best Of The Web: Wedding Timelines & Bathrooms

Too early to sleep together? Turn that walk of shame into a walk of pride. Losing friends when you start dating someone new. Sharing a bathroom... with a boy. The ten-year guy wedding time line. Falling in love with a stripper. Twelve great marriage tips. Which dynamic duo are you and yours? Does back to school mean back to creepin'? Would you do a sex tape to save your career? The weird world of male porn stars. And science says older men are getting better looking, whew, just in time.

Toilet seat

A Marriage Battleground: The Toilet Seat

Men think they are 100% straight shooters. Even if we want to believe that the majority of men have perfect aim (which is NOT true), it's clear that most haven't made the quantum leap necessary to understand the difference between a latrine—which is, by definition, a toilet used only by men—and a bathroom that's in one's home, to be used by everyone who lives in the house, as well as by any visitor. Whether men agree with the following statement or not, nothing can change the reality of it: Leaving the toilet seat up is a clear statement of control and power.

hate marriage

5 Things I Hate About My Marriage

Yes, I love my husband and family and wouldn't change a thing about our family unit. Now that I have made that obligatory statement, let me get to my point. There are certain issues that I have with the institution of marriage, which offers both wonderful benefits and incredible challenges, often in the same day. Here are the five things I hate about marriage.