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What Men Want Most In Bed [EXPERT]
Think you know what men like?
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What Men Want Most In Bed

When I was in my twenties, I couldn't wait for the next issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine to hit the newsstands. It was always packed full of irresistible articles with titillating headlines like, "Secrets to Drive Him Crazy in Bed." The magazine cleverly focused on men and sex and sold millions of copies to insecure and confused women like myself. I can say with authority that in forty-plus years, nothing has changed in "Cosmo world," and this is how I know.

gabby douglas
"It can be bald or short, it doesn't matter about my hair. Nothing is going to change."
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'I Just Made History. And You're Focusing On My Hair?'

In a day and age when women's appearances are perpetually scrutinized, the controversy over Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas's hair is particularly maddening and egregious, since Douglas has just made history by becoming the first African-American gymnast to ever win the all-around individual title in the Olympics.

sunglasses woman
Soak up some summer sun and look your best!
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11 Vacation Essentials To Look Gorgeous For Your Trip

The sun is out, the hopes are high and the suitcases are full: It's time for a sexy (and long-awaited) vacation. But nothing taints looking irresistible on your trip quite like realizing you completely forgot the necessary tools for a romantic getaway, so be sure to use this as a checklist.

woman biting lip
Trust us, ladies, he loves it when you bite your lip!
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15 Quirky Things Men Find Attractive

As much as we may hate to admit this, we ladies definitely do certain things to get a guy's attention. I mean, we may flip our hair when a cute guy walks by, lick our lips when we see him looking our direction — it's just human nature! The thing is, we're girls, but how are we to know what a guy's really thinking, how are we to know what guys ACTUALLY think is sexy?

Prep yourself to look sexy on vacation with this quick, efficient beauty routine.
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4 Pre-Vacation Beauty Rituals For A Sexy Getaway

Whether you're single or with your partner, when you're on the way to a much-deserved vacation from work, the last thing you want to think is stuff like, "Dammit, I wish I'd remembered to wax my bikini zone." Luckily for you, we've compiled a handy list of beauty rituals to take out the stress and pressure out of your precious sun-soaking days.

10 Places To Have Sex In Other Than The Bedroom [EXPERT]
Was your shower steaming?
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10 Places To Have Sex In Other Than The Bedroom

Open any women's magazine and you'll find a list of fun places to have sex with your man. From the movie theater to the airplane, the suggestions often veer towards the wild side. The truth is, you could have sex just about anywhere; it all depends on how bold you are. But where's the list for the average woman, who isn't willing to risk a jail sentence or public embarrassment to put some adventure into her sex life? Well, here are my suggestions for the top 10 places for the everyday woman to get adventurous.

My Life as a Phone Sex Operator - Part 10
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My Life as a Phone Sex Operator - Part 10

I couldn’t stop thinking about that call where the wife walked in and caught her husband. I guess I’ll never really forget about it since I am writing about it today. Everyone has their own opinion about what is right and what is wrong. I have always taken the stance that phone sex was a good thing. Of course I would, because it’s my business, a way of life for me, and also a way of life for a few hundred others whom I employ.

man ogling woman
"Really, dude?"
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Study: Women Ogle Other Women's Breasts, Too

You know how people say that men are ALWAYS objectifying women? Well, they are. However, women do it too. From their lips, nips and hips to their toe tips, a gal will eyeball a woman as collection of body parts nearly as readily as a man, per a new study.

How To Make Job Hunting Fun & Sexy [EXPERT]
Looking for a job doesn't have to be agonizing.
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How To Make Job Hunting Fun & Sexy

Let face it, no one likes the daunting task of looking for a job. Job searching has been called many things, such as a marathon, a necessary evil, and a chance to better yourself. But, I'm here to say that your job search can and should be something you enjoy doing. You can make your job search a little bit sexy as well. Here are a few suggestions to make job hunting a titillating task.

olympics sex
Are Olympic athletes hooking up like crazy after they're done with their competitions?
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5 Sexy Secrets About The Olympics

What do Big Macs and condoms have in common? They're both available in spades at the Olympic Village, along with thousands of athletes at the top of their games. Mixed in with human-interest stories of dramatic stuggles and triumphs, you may have heard tales of Olympians gone wild.