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stay at home mom
This woman is all heart — but she means business.
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9 Reasons Stay-At-Home Moms Are The Hottest Women We Know

There is no doubt about it: Stay-at-home moms have one of the toughest jobs around. That said, being a full-time mother isn't all work and no play; We're firm believers in the fact that looking hot while rocking a messy bun and grass-stained jeans couldn't come more naturally to moms. The modern-day SAHM has certainly got the sexy superwoman thing down pat.

The Secret Logic of Desire (Expert)
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The Secret Logic of Desire (Expert)

Want to be sexy, confident and alluring? Women clamor at the chance to be their most beautiful and appealing self. It’s why fragrance and cosmetics are billion dollar industries. We all want to be sexy! However, upping your attraction factor really has very little to do with your outer appearance. If you want to unlock your hidden power of allure and magnetism, you must first understand desire.

What would you like to know about them?
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Ta-Ta Trivia: 10 Wild Facts About Boobs

How much do you really know about your breasts? Sure, you know that people are prone to stare at them, and that they are, let's face it, a lot of fun on their own. But do you know who in the world has the largest pair? Or just what it is that smoking can do to them? Well, we did some digging and found out for you!

sexy woman
Leave him wanting more.
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No Lingerie Required: 8 Easy Ways To Ooze Sex Appeal

Look, we have to be honest with ourselves, sex appeal matters. And if it's something we look for in a mate, it stands to reason others are seeking it in us. But we don't have to let that fact stress us out. In fact, it's a great reason to look up ways to boost our sex appeal and our sex lives, in order to create the best experiences we've ever had.

girl at the beach, in a bikini
Ladies, bikini season is right around the corner. Are you ready?
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Get Ready To Bring Sexy Back With These Hot Swimsuits

March is just a few weeks away and almost everyone's got their spring break plans booked. Even if you're jet-setting to the Caribbean, partying it up in Mexico, or heading to South Beach, these snow storms and miserable cold fronts have probably kept the beach (and bikini season) off your radar. This roundup of bikinis, tankinis, and monokinis will get you moving!

Why Younger Men Date Older Women
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Why Younger Men Date Older Women

If you're a smart, fun and vibrant woman, you're my kind of gal. You look and feel much younger than your age … So you certainly don't want to end up with an old, boring man. (Nor should you have to!) The problem is, when you meet a younger man who's sexy and smart, the first thing you think is, "he could have any '20-30 something-hard-body' he wants so why would he want me?" The truth is, there are MANY reasons a younger man would want you and today's video shows you why.

Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeney's departure from 'Days' has us reminiscing about our 90s soap crushes.
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Our 90s Soap Crushes! Where Are They Now?

After 21 years of breaking hearts and causing havoc in Salem, Alison Sweeney has decided to take her final bow on Days of Our Lives. How we'll cope without Sam Brady's sassy, take no prisoner attitude and passionate love affairs remains to be seen. But just thinking about the girl we love to hate hit us with a wave of nostalgia, leading us to reminisce about some of the sexiest soap opera hunks to hit daytime television.