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What's your sexual fetish?
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30 Sexual Fetishes, Demystified

Happy International Fetish Day! Are you planning on kinking it up in celebration? I certainly hope so. Just in case you needed some ideas, let us review these 30 essential paraphilias. Just think about how much more fun sex ed would have been if we had lessons like this.

Weelchairs? Golden Showers? The Top 5 Weirdest Celebrity Fetishes
Yes, Scarlett Johansson has certain sexual preferences!
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Wheelchairs? Golden Showers? Top 5 Weirdest Celebrity Fetishes

Some celebrities have no shame when it comes to certain things: details about their private lives, public meltdowns, and in some cases, even their weird fetishes. Now, we totally support everyone's right to like whatever they want to like (today, January 20, is International Fetish Day after all) but some things should be kept private – namely, these odd celeb fetishes!

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Sex on the beach? Don't mind if we do.
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Public Sex Is As American As Apple Pie, Survey Says

Even if you have yet to do it in a public place, you've probably thought about it. Go ahead, admit it. There's no shame in trying to spice up your sex life with the threat of getting caught. There's a primal urge in all of us to do something that's both scary and mildly exciting. And the thought of being caught with your pants down is definitely a bit of both.

"It's better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it!"
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Oral Sex 101: What You Need To Know

If you don't like doing it, it leaves you in the position of finding the 2% of men who do not care anything about it. This is not a favorable position to be in. The odds are exceedingly against you. But keep in mind that it's always better to know what to do and not need it, than need it and not know what to do. Who knows? One day it may grow on you. (Pun intended.) Now, if you're ready to get your hands dirty, continue to read on.

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David Carradine Got His Kicks from Kink

First speculated as a suicide, Bangkok police are now trying to determine if Carradine may have accidentally suffocated from engaging in an autoerotic sex act—the cutting off of oxygen to the lungs to enhance sexual pleasure. As the investigation continues, a tale of a man with rather dangerous sexual fetishes emerges courtesy of two of his ex-wives.

Microphilia & Other Weird Fetishes
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Microphilia & Other Weird Fetishes

Now, we know that what floats one person's sexual boat can equate to a quickly sinking libido for others. Talking dirty can take some getting used to if it isn't your go-to, for example. It's the dachryphiliacs, those attracted to making one cry, and emetophiliacs, those attracted to vomit, who might have a tougher time working out their differences with their partners. According to one fetish poll, masochism seems to be the top ranking "alternative" sexual predilection, followed closely by odaxelagnia (biting) and xenophilia (attraction to foreigners), all of which are leaps and bounds more manageable than, say, coprophilia.