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Sexual Women Aren't Dangerous — But Putting Labels On Them Is

A new study, apparently the first major one of its kind, looked into the sex lives of women who do it and do it a lot. Of the 1000 college students surveyed at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, it was found that thanks to such naughty things like masturbation and pornography, 3 percent of women fall into the category of being "hypersexual."

The Joy Of Masturbation!
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The Joy Of Masturbation!

As a Boy Scout in the 40’s I knew instinctively that the Boy Scout Manual was a huge lie—it stated unequivocally that masturbation led to everything from acne to seizures, epilepsy, and insanity! Fortunately, I never bought the lie! To me masturbation was normal and healthy and I indulged from at least age 4, reaching a peak of one to seven times daily during my teens. I grew up in an era before effective birth control and in a society where the curse of a lifetime for a girl was to become pregnant before marriage. Thus, masturbation was my continuing friend until marriage.