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Whether or not to take your husband's last name is a highly personal choice.
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Engaged Girl: To Take His Last Name Or Not To Take His Last Name?

As an engaged woman, I was both surprised and appalled when I read an article on The Stir stating that 50% of Americans believe it should be legally required for a woman to take her husband's last name. My first thought was: Who took this survey anyway, a bunch of people from Middle-of-Nowhere America (no offense, really) who've been completely cut off from the modern world?

Christopher Hitchens
Writer Christopher Hitchens died yesterday, Dec. 15, after battling esophageal cancer.
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Christopher Hitchens On Porn, Cheating & Women

Christopher Hitchens's most valuable asset was his scathing wit. From his famous digs at religion to his humiliating takedown of Sarah Palin — and even some snippy comments aimed at cats — read the brilliant writer's most incendiary jabs.

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Annoying teenagers on Twitter seem to think it's still the 19th century.
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Thanksgiving: Is It Sexist To Expect Women To Cook?

Looking at Twitter's trending topics daily often leaves my mouth gaping open at what ridiculous things the kids are talking about. Today, "Women Who Dont Cook" is trending (apostrophes and other minor grammatical details apparently don't make it into trending topics). Brilliant.

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Think all men want to sleep with tons of women? Gender myth, you've been busted!
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6 Common Sex And Dating Myths, Debunked

Every now and then, science does us a favor and sheds some much-needed light on the differences between men and women. Given the number of misconceptions there are about love, a group of psychologists took it upon themselves to review existing research and debunk six sex and gender myths most of us believe, although we shouldn't.

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Angry Single Blogger: Why Men Aren't Funny

I once dated a theater major who firmly believed women aren't as funny as men. I'd stomp my foot and declare that I was not only funny, but far funnier than he was. Every time the argument came up, he'd reference John Belushi, who despite his sexism was indeed a comedic genius, and how Belushi, "didn't think women writers were funny enough." This ridiculous "insight" came from his days on Saturday Night Live, days that included such other comedic geniuses as Gilda Radner.

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Love Bytes: Why Is Chivalry Bad For Women?

What is benevolent sexism? Occupy Wall Street condoms are a thing. Why haven't men demanded a male birth control pill? A Venn Diagram that really, really hates men. What to do when you have a crush on a person who's not your spouse. Where all the good guys are hanging out.

One-Night Stand, Then First Date? Welcome To College
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One-Night Stand, Then First Date? Welcome To College

Movies, TV shows and songs—essentially, all of popular culture—would have us believe that no-strings-attached, casual sex is something that men are more interested in than women. It's true that over the years, gender-based stereotypes have assigned to guys the role of sex-seeking and to ladies the search for something serious. A new study, however, challenges those assumptions—while showcasing how such behavior affects a person's perception of a woman.

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Women Who Like One-Night Stands Hate Other Women

Ladies, how do you prefer to be approached by a man? There is surely no single answer to such a question—unless, of course, you're talking about a one-night stand, according to a new study. It claims that when it comes to casual sex, women prefer straightforward and aggressive pick-up tactics, and men are more than willing to deliver them.

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How To Nip Sexist Workplace Banter In The Bud

Women everywhere have to deal with sexist and misogynistic co-workers. In a perfect world, the creeps would be written up for sexual harassment and the ignorant would be put through training. In the real world, there are two much more prevalent outcomes. First, women don’t want to deal with the stigma of being a whistle-blower so they choose not to say anything. Or, they work for companies like mine who only care if its a major offense. So when do we put our foot down? When do we stop pretending to be one the guys?