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Why Women Can't Have Sex Without Falling In Love
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Why Women Can't Have Sex Without Falling In Love

I've long called it the orgasm curse—that thing that happens after great sex with a guy. He immediately goes from an insignificant satellite orbiting your universe to the goddamn sun itself. But why? A new study done at Rutgers University explored what exactly goes on in our bodies during orgasm that makes us insane.

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Women Who Like One-Night Stands Hate Other Women

Ladies, how do you prefer to be approached by a man? There is surely no single answer to such a question—unless, of course, you're talking about a one-night stand, according to a new study. It claims that when it comes to casual sex, women prefer straightforward and aggressive pick-up tactics, and men are more than willing to deliver them.

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Could Porn Help Prevent Rape?

The question of whether porn is dangerous or harmless is one that society has had trouble answering for some time. A recent, rather controversial article in Newsweek suggested that men who buy sex, including pornography, are more likely to be criminals, including engage in violent sexual behavior. But the Scientific American says the opposite: porn could actually lower the amount of sexual violence.

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Study: The Older A Woman, The More She Enjoys Sex

The older, the better? You bet! A recent study found that as time progresses in a relationship, women become more satisfied with the sex — while men become more satisfied with the relationship as a whole. In fact, it takes 25 years in a long-term relationship for sex to begin predicting how happy women are with said relationship. Crazy, right? Hey, for a lot of us, that's a long way off!

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Survey: 80 Percent Of College Students Sext

Is sexting still scandalous? The practice certainly precedes the device: People have been writing erotic messages to each other since the beginning of time. But sexting is more problematic than a lusty handwritten letter because sexts are so easy to pass around electronically. As several public figures have learned over the past five years, naked pictures can enter the public domain with just the click of a button.

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Study: Empathic Men Are Better Lovers

Conventional dating wisdom may claim that women think with their heads while men think with their man-parts, but new research from Johns Hopkins suggests that we're being a little harsh on the male species. According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the majority of sexually satisfied men also possess a high amount of empathy. Take that to heart, nice guys.

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Study: Obese People Are Less Sexually Satisfied

As if being obese didn't have enough pitfalls, findings published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy suggest that the extra pounds can weigh down your sex life. A weight loss drug study involving 134 women and 91 men, who were all moderately to severely overweight, revealed that when probed about their sex life, obese people are more likely to report less sexual satisfaction than the general population.

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Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex

People might associate college life with pizza and promiscuity, but according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality, students would rather receive an ego boost (from compliments and good grades) than have sex. Incidentally, ego boosts also trump favorite foods, which actually makes sense considering how closely hunger and sexual compulsions are compared.

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Top 13 Sex Discoveries Of 2010

Sex isn't the first thing that comes to mind when we think about science. But, apparently science does a good deal of thinking about sex, as evidenced by these 13 fascinating sex-related discoveries researchers made in 2010. Read on to learn how everything from booty calls to skinny jeans affects our bedroom behavior. Sex, it seems, is so complex, we can't wait to learn more about it in 2011.

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Study: Lubricant Users Have Better Sex

Until now, little research has been done on how much lube can actually help enhance the female sexual experience. But leading sex researcher, Debby Herbenick, Ph.D. and her colleagues at Indiana University have concluded that women who use lube during sex have significantly more sexual pleasure and satisfaction than those who don't. In short, women who use lubricant have better sex, more orgasms, than those who don't.