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Yeah, I could squeeze you in on the 14th between 6 and 9 a.m.
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Love Bytes: The Case For Scheduling Sex

Do you schedule sex? 10 types of people who get smashed at weddings. Would you date someone who still lives with their parents? What if the Prez crashed your wedding and left a sweet gift? Did Jesus have a wife? Great quotes from Emmy-nominated ladies. How to be a good wife. Signs you're in a very unhealthy relationship. Can birth control rob your libido? Swingers in healthy relationships. Should men be trusted to take the pill? The husband of the "Fifty Shades Of Grey" author E.L. James spouts off.

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Let's talk about sex ... baby.
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Want A Better Sex Life? Speak Up!

Next time you're in bed with your guy, don't hold back on being honest about your needs and desires. Even if you're going to blush, break out in hives and sweat from anxiety over the topic, suck it up because you have to start somewhere and the sooner you get cracking on it, the sooner your sex life will become the hottest, most sensual thing you can possible imagine.

Sex or bacon?
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Would You Give Up Sex for Sleep? For iPhone Time? For Bacon?

If you read the title of this post and promptly started heating up the skillet for some bacon with your bacon, you’re not alone. The past couple of months, it seems research is set on showing us that quite a few of us would give up sex for, well, just about anything that isn’t sex, especially if it comes with a side of fries.

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Taking time to put your sex life first, will benefit your family as a whole.

An Ode To Hot, Married Sex

Finding the time, inclination, and desire to have sex, and then actually having sex takes effort in most long-term relationships with children.

bacon cheeseburger
If you're worried about your sex life, put down that bacon cheeseburger.
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3 Foods That May Be Ruining Your Sex Life

Anyone who's ever spent the better part of their Sunday in a pancake-induced coma/state of despair knows there's a definite link between what you eat and how you feel. Which probably means you also know that there's a link between your nutrition and your sex life.

Pucker up!
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Love Sex? Get Better At Kissing

If you could get a better sex life, wouldn't you do whatever it takes? Between herbal suggestions, pharmaceutical pills and classes in technique, a lot of people seem to go out of their way or drop the necessary money on hopefully making their sex lives even better.

Do you and your significant other share sexual fantasies?
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Study Reveals Men & Women Have Similar Fantasies

If you're worried about what your significant other is fantasizing about, you can stop right now. A new study, conducted at Spain's University of Granada, says men and women in relationships have pretty similar sexual fantasies, in that both genders fantasize about their loved one. Researchers surveyed a group of Spanish citizens who had been in relationships for six months or longer.

3 Ways To Add Some Romance To Your Sex Life
Celebrate 31 days of romance with these sexy tips.
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3 Ways To Add Some Romance To Your Sex Life

Ladies, put your lovers on alert: August is National Romance Awareness Month, and it's time to celebrate. But before you begin dropping your boyfriend subtle hints about a desire for flowers, remember that romance is much more than a dozen roses. Sure, sweet gestures are nice, but sex is even better.

Top 4 Ways Americans Spice Up Their Sex Lives
We may be the Land of The Free, but 81% of us need help with our sex lives.
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Top 4 Ways Americans Spice Up Their Sex Lives

Could your sex life use some new flavors? In their recent survey, Trojan Condoms found that 81 percent of Americans say their sex life needs some spicing up. How do you beat the bedroom blahs?

5 Tips To Stay Sexually Connected To Your Partner
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5 Tips To Stay Sexually Connected To Your Partner

Sharing your fantasies with your partner is an important first step to bringing them to life. If you don’t talk about what you want, how are you ever going to get it? There are a variety of ways to have this ‘conversation’ but the main goal is to get these sexy thoughts out of your head & into real life!

Married? 4 Steps That Will Save Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
Ready to amp up your sex life since tying the knot?
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Married? 4 Steps That Will Save Your Sex Life

It is true that every couple's sex life goes through stages and that the "new couple sex" stage will end. Your sex life will change, mature, get better and have downtimes over the lifetime of your marriage. But it is also true that you can have a strong sexual, sensual and erotic relationship that is vital, exciting and fulfilling.

5 Fun Moves To Spice Up Your Sex Life [EXPERT]
Instead of coffee, let sex wake you up in the morning.
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5 Fun Moves To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex. The word itself used to make people uncomfortable. But now, more than ever, women are branching out in their sexual behaviors, and discovering what gets them going. From incorporating sex toys in the bedroom to paging through 50 Shades of Grey, women are mixing it up and increasing their pleasure in the process.