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Is your voice a turn-on?
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4 Quick Tips For A Sexier Voice

Whether your voice is a delight to the ear, unpleasant to hear or something in between, these easy exercises will help to make it more sexually appealing. And the more you practice, the quicker the transformation.

One Rule To Get Him CRAVING Your Sex!
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One Rule To Get Him CRAVING Your Sex!

I hate rules. I hate telling women to follow them. I like offering mindful 'dos' and 'don'ts' that women can use as guidelines to make sure they are on track with acting like one half of a considerate, respectful, loving, and caring whole. Rules, on the other hand, seem stifling and repressing to a woman’s individuality. I think, however, that the following rule is very empowering and actually helps relieve women of stifling insecurities and releases repressed sexual urges. So I will allow myself to suggest it. Here it is:

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Should You Change Your Appearance For A Man?

Should You Change Your Appearance For A Man?

It's a known fact that men are visual creatures, which is why they're attracted to women who dress up their own natural beauty. But, does this mean you need a Clueless-type makeover to get a guy to like you? Doesn't that seem like you're changing yourself for him? 

Michelle Williams
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Michelle Williams On Practicing Her Sexy Marilyn Monroe "Wiggle"

When it was announced that the skinny, petite-framed Michelle Williams was cast to portray Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film, My Week With Marilyn, the blogosphere exploded with negative criticism. People claimed Williams wasn't physically designed for the role— that she was too thin to portray the curvy, sexy film star, and could never pull it off.

The Secret Of Sex Appeal
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The Secret Of Sex Appeal

The word "sex" may have more explosive connotations and baffling confusion attached to it than any other word in the English language. And the idea of "sex appeal" is just the same. It's got power all right. We all want to have sex appeal. We might not agree on exactly what the term means, but if someone accused us of having it, we wouldn't argue with them.

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Fashion Website Isn't Meant To Alienate Men

I don't know that a formal survey's been done, but I think it's safe to say that in the eyes of most straight men in America, turbans on a women's head aren't hot. Neither are ostrich-feather miniskirts, utility pants, or capes. To many guys, tight, form-fitting, and revealing fashions constitute "sexy." And isn't that what fashion is supposed to be all about? Getting us to look at one woman rather than another?


Smile your way to success

It sounds strange but smiling could be the key to finding your perfect partner. Research has consistently shown that people notice other people’s smiles almost straight away, meaning your smile could be the most important tool for creating a positive first impression.

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Does Porn Stop People From Having Sex?

Yesterday, the Daily Mail reported that sex for women over the age of 35 is rapidly declining — or, at least, people are more willing to admit to declining sex in their relationships than they used to be. Today, the same paper is suggesting this trend could be blamed on men's increased preference for Internet pornography over sex.

paul rudd is funny and hot

The 10 Funniest Guys Who Are Actually Hot

Complex magazine's recent list of hot women in Hollywood who are actually funny (their phrasing, not ours) inspired us to highlight the funny blokes out there who are actually good-looking. While most of us lady folk are wise to the fact that laughs last longer than looks, we still appreciate a side of smoking (hot) with our joking. Hey, if supermodels were hilarious, they'd be on this list. As is, here are men who make us sweat with their perfect combo of humor and handsomeness.