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Don't be afraid to be silly or be wrong. Just be yourself.
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You Rock, Girl! 15 Inspirational Quotes From Celeb Ladies We Love

Margaret Cho. Tina Fey. Amy Poehler. These A-list ladies have collectively captured our hearts in a way that others haven't. They're smart. They're sassy (if not borderline outrageous). Not to mention, they're gorgeous in the most I-don't-give-a-flip-what-you-think-about-me way. Most importantly, they know how hard it can be to love yourself, especially as a woman in a world that criticizes our teeny-tiny flaws. That being said, these women help us feel better about ourselves by being relatable, realistic, and, well, themselves! Read on for some of our favorite witty quips from our girl crushes like Maya Rudolph, Anna Kendrick and more!

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How can I keep my identity?

Can I Be A Mom And Still Be Me?

Have you ever found yourself so wrapped up in being the perfect mom and wife that you end up feeling as if you are losing yourself? How can you maintain your identity and still help your family thrive?

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Create a romantic vacation for two without leaving home.
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Refresh Yourself: 6 Ways To Take A Vacation Without Leaving Home

Do you wish that you could get away for a short vacation but don't have the time or money? Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip without all the fuss of traffic, airport searches, jet lag or bad weather? Marriage and family therapist Gloria Arenson offers six ways that you can feel relaxed and coddled without leaving home or spending a lot of money.

Beware of the Bewitching Boys and Men with BodyTalk Wisdom

Beware of the Bewitching Boys and Men with BodyTalk Wisdom

BodyTalk helped me wise up enough to avoid a love trap. Sometimes I think I projected ideas onto him. Other times I muse that I dreamed him into existence. Through BodyTalk, the real me revealed herself more and more. The last time I genuinely fell in love it was my persona which attracted a clever trickster. Now that I was conscious and committed to being and expressing the real me, a throwback to my adolescent days surfaced.

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A Sex Kitten listens to her body and tends to her needs.
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Listen Up: Here's Why A Sex Kitten Is Never 'Hangry' Or 'Twired'

Do you want to find your path to ditching "hangry" as the norm and stop being "twired"? These are words that you may be hearing about more and more because research is showing they are roadblocks to living a more joyful life. Life Coach Debra Smouse explains how you can unleash your inner Sex Kitten and create a daily life that you love.

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Find out how much he's made.
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This Guy's Painful Selfie Blunder Is Making Him Some Serious Cash

In case you haven't heard, Frank is a 22-year-old Canadian who decided to take a selfie near a moving train despite better judgment. In order to teach him a lesson for taking a chance on his life for the sake of a picture, the train conductor kicked him in the head. This whole episode was caught on tape and Frank decided to post the whole thing on YouTube without any shame.