5 Tips To Help Parents Worry Less [EXPERT]
Are you a worrier?
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5 Tips To Help Parents Worry Less

As a parent, you want what is best for your children. You want them to be smarter, better looking and more well-rounded than you are. You want them to be liked by their peers and to succeed in school. As such, you worry. And, with worrying comes anxiety which can turn into depression. Here are five ways to help you stop worrying so much:

Deepen Intimacy By Disclosing Infidelity Respectfully
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Deepen Intimacy By Disclosing Infidelity Respectfully

In a recent study, at the University Of Notre Dame, Anita Kelly, a Psychology Professor, reported that when peoples lies went up during the week, their health went down. Conversely, she reported that when people’s lies decreased, their overall health improved. This is amazing news, connecting our emotional life with our physical wellbeing. Anyone who has ever attended a 12 step meeting knows that addiction and lies go hand in hand.

Single? 10 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence [EXPERT]
How confident are you?
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Single? 10 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Did you know both men and women prefer to date someone who has confidence? Confidence is sexy, and in my 10 years as a dating coach, I've spoken to a number of men who all told me the same thing: A confident woman is very attractive. So, as a single woman looking for love, find ways to shore up your confidence to heighten your desirability. Check out these 10 tips to boost your self-confidence.

how to feel sexy again after having a baby
10 tips for new moms hoping to feel better about their post-baby existence.
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10 Ways To Bring Sexy Back After Having A Baby

When I got pregnant, I was bound and determined to look good after the baby was born. I admired those moms in my Facebook newsfeed whose hospital pictures showed them smiling with makeup on as they cuddled their newborn. In retrospect, this was a crazy notion because after giving birth I did NOT look good. Not at all...

woman nervous about her weight on a scale
If you think that a number on a scale can magically bring you happiness, think again.

I Lost 90 Pounds, But It Didn't Make Me Happy

When I was 18 years old, I thought that losing weight would make my life perfect. That's one of the side effects of dieting and hating your body for so long—you begin to assume that thin people have perfect, happy lives and relationships to match their perfectly petite waistlines...

Friday Love Trivia yourtango
In honor of our "Irresistible You" campaign, Friday Love Trivia is about beauty.
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Friday Love Trivia: 5 Surprising Facts About Beauty & Self-Esteem

Play Friday Love Trivia! What percentage of women claim to have "high self-esteem"? What is most women's favorite body part on themselves? Do most people really tend to gain weight when they get into a new relationship? Would most women change their appearance for their partner (even if they didn't agree with his criticism?) Do men find Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston more attractive?

12 Ways To Feel Irresistible Without Losing Weight [EXPERT]
You don't need to go on a diet to feel sexy!
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12 Ways To Feel Irresistible Without Losing Weight

Got a hot date tonight but still haven't shed those final five pounds? Fortunately, sex appeal isn't all about weight. We asked our experts for some suggestions about how you can feel irresistible at any dress size, and here's what they had to say!

irresistible you yourtango
Two ways to feel instantly irresistible: Eat amazing food and wear red lipstick!
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7 Ways To Feel Irresistible Right Now

The results of our "Irresistible You" (IY) survey show that many of you need an extra boost of confidence in your life: Only 12 percent of women said they have "high" self-esteem. Time to spend some time on yourselves to build self-confidence, ladies.