Why The Love Yourself First Myth Doesn't Work
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Why The Love Yourself First Myth Doesn't Work

One of the greatest myths of our time is the love yourself first myth. This along with perfection kept me single a long time... The advantage to working on loving yourself first is you don't have to deal with anyone else. The disadvantage is we don't love alone we have to be reflected. Don't get me wrong if I had the time I would love to spend a few more years working on loving myself first... I'm just not willing to be alone that long.

How To Move On: Letting Go Is Hard To Do: 6 Ways To Move On
Do you feel like you'll never be able to get over your former significant other?
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Letting Go Is Hard To Do: 6 Ways To Move On From A Bad Breakup

One of the most difficult challenges after a divorcing or losing a spouse or significant other is learning how to move on without them. Although it may seem impossible, there are some great tips on how to move on that will make you happier in the long-run. Read on to learn the 5 ways you can slowly start to move on after your breakup.

Self-Reiki to Mend a Broken Heart
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Self-Reiki to Mend a Broken Heart

As a psychotherapist and coach I was always searching for “tools” I could hand my clients – meditation, visualization, self-help books and workbooks, soothing music, expressive art- but I never realized that Reiki was another very real self-care tool I could have been passing along to my clients.  In fact, had I known what I know now, I would have received Reiki training years ago to Master Teacher level so that I could teach my clients Reiki Level I.   I believe self-administered Reiki maintains mental health and wellness.

sex kitten
One important characteristic? Sex kittens are willing to be vulnerable.
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Me-ow! 8 Surprising Traits Of A Sex Kitten

It isn't about wearing sexy clothes, five inch stilettos or red lipstick. It isn't about being a size six or living a picture-perfect life. Life coach Debra Smouse explains how unleashing your Inner Sex Kitten is about that inner confidence of knowing who you are and what you desire to create.

woman taking a selfie
"It shows that we all secretly like ourselves – or at least something about ourselves."
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Strike A Pose: 5 Valuable Lessons From Snapping Selfies

A study from a project called Selfiecity, backed by the City University of New York, California Institute of Telecommunication and Information, shows that selfies are more popular with women under 40 and men over 40. As our faces and our bodies and our self-esteem changes, so does what we learn from taking this very up close and personal photos of ourselves.

Ten Things More Fun Than A Bad Date
Become smitten yourself with a new date night outfit.
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10 Things More Fun Than A Bad Date

Tired of terrible dates? Personal development coach Debra Smouse has 10 totally fabulous suggestions for you. Read on and never go through the misery of another bad date again.

Self Love & Self Care: How To Be Happy
An act as simple as washing your face can feel indulgent, if you do it mindfully.
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Pampering: Are You Doing It Right?

A new haircut or massage may feel indulgent, but is it actually helping you tap in to real self love and care? Our expert explains why your pampering routine may need a pick-me-up. How do you treat yourself?

Life Coach: How To Deal With The 7 Year Itch
Did you know the number 7 is in tune with the natural world?
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Tap Into The Magic Of 7 For Better Relationships

There's a lot of folklore around the number seven. From "lucky seven" to the "seven year itch", it affects our lives in more ways than we may think. Life coach and astro-numerologist Jen Duchene has some ideas to harness the power of seven for good. Are you ready to go deeper?