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I Deceived My Wife; Our Tax Return Didn't

Being the child of a divorced family, I got to see first hand how lawyer bills stack up and how a woman's scorn can lead to a man sleeping in a car without money, food, or change of clothes. With this memory in mind I prepared myself for the unfortunate event that my wife and I would split. Little did I know that my earnest preparation would become fuel for the flame of an almost divorce. It all came out during tax season.

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Seeking Your Soulmate? Use The Secret

Arielle Ford discusses her book "The Soulmate Secret," which helps you find the love of your life using the law of attraction. Vision boards, positive thinking and lists help to keep your mind where your heart is. Watch and learn how to be soulmate-ready!

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Love Buzz

10 Questions To Ask Your Guy About His Past

It's definitely not the type of light and airy chat you want to strike up on your first starry-eyed date. Let's be honest: Dredging up the past and owning all things that went right and wrong can be about as pleasant as having a root canal. But precisely because spilling the beans requires such a high level of comfort and trust, a Q&A session (topic: all things past) with your guy can bring the two of you closer in your relationship.

When To Tell Your Date An Important Secret
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When To Tell Your Date An Important Secret

When do you tell your date that you're in an open relationship? Before you start dating? Then you might scare people away. But if you tell them afterwards they may feel that you've mislead them. This week's New York Times Modern Love essayist wasn't too pleased when, before her second date with a man she calls The Engineer, her new date told her that he had another girlfriend.