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Never Lose That Lovin' Feeling

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the science behind successful long-term relationships. Using brain scans and MRIs, researchers are investigating those who are just as giddy about their significant others 20 years into the relationship as they were at 2 months. When showed images of their spouses, participants’ scans showed a strong reaction in the ventral pallidum, an area suspected to have links with long-term bonds. The subjects apparently enjoyed old love just as much as new. The studies could dissect lifelong passion and even one day “lead to a restorative.” As in, bringing back that lovin’ feeling. Divorce lawyers—instead of silver anniversaries—might eventually be on the endangered list!

Love Buzz

Why We Love

Time put out a stellar issue on the science of romance, full of all sorts of good stuff. Here, the Cliffs Notes version of their "Why We Love" article: Men prefer large breasts and a low waist-to-hip ration, which indicate fertility. Push that baby out! Women look for men with muscular shoulders, broad chests, and a full beard, which are signs of strength and virility (and better providers for off-spring). Kissing could be a literal taste test for potential mates: Saliva has a compound that influences tissue rejection. Translation: You body can detect whether your kissing partner’s genetic makeup is too similar to yours, thus turning you off.