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10 Ways Our Biology Influences Attraction

We all know that love isn't always simple. But what we don't know is that many scientific ideas are playing in to attraction, many of which we are unaware of. "We are in love with the idea of a romantic love, and that ideal leads us astray and into a lot of problems," says Andrew Trees, Ph.D., author of Decoding Love. Learning a little about the science of attraction just may help you play the dating game.

Can A Love Charm Really Help You Find Love?
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Can A Love Charm Really Help You Find Love?

We all feel shlumpy and like losers at times. Unlucky. Especially in love. As Valentine’s Day looms, it would be great to turn that losing streak around, to set the stage for the love you really want. I have a few powerful dating tips to help you reverse gears and head into a romantic future, adapted from my new book, Sealing the Deal: the Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love. And you are going to love them because they involve shopping!

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Links We Love: Your Brain On Marriage

Every week that we can manage, Traditional Love brings you a round up of the best articles about love, traditional style. This week we're talking about your brain on marriage, party ideas for your lover, erasing your marriage past and so much more.

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What Rich Women Want: George Clooney

Conventional stereotypes say that women commit to men who can provide for a family. Since financial independence diminishes the need for a provider, wealthy women pursue younger, handsomer men who don't need to worry about supporting children. Basically, rich women are sugar mamas, while rich older women are cougars. But rich women don't want to be cougars; they want George Clooney.

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Love Is An Addiction; Breakups Like Withdrawal

Breaking up is definitely hard to do, and researchers now know why that is. It seems that love is comparable to a drug addiction: It activates the parts of the brain associated with motivation, reward and addiction cravings, according to new research from Stony Brook University.

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Science Says That Daughters Lead To Divorce

Researchers have found an interesting correlation between divorce and having daughters. The research states that having a daughter gives you a five percent greater chance of getting divorced than having a son, and that number just keeps increasing with each little pink bundle of joy that the wife births.

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7 Sex Truths Everyone Should Know

From "don't sleep together too soon" to "sow your wild oats before settling down," society is full of mixed messages about sex, love, dating and the intersection of the three. To get help deciding which advice to heed and which to skip, I asked scientists to explain some of their discoveries about human sexual behavior (yes, scientists do study such things). It turns out that their findings are often the exact opposite of what we tend to believe. Here are 7 surprising sex facts everyone should know.

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Will Science Fix The Female Orgasm?

Is there a logical explanation as to why lady parts can't orgasm consistently or (in some cases) ever during sexual intercourse? Can a pill, patch, cream, or vaginal collagen injection, morph a frigid woman into a sex pot with O-faces aplenty? Here's a round-up of how science has tried to help women reach orgasm.

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Will Sex For Reproduction Go Out Of Style?

According to a recent Popular Science article, scientists speculate that sex for reproduction may soon go out of style. Don't get us wrong, sex itself will stick around, but thanks to advancements in embryology, our descendants who are actively trying to get pregnant may ditch traditional babymaking in favor of invitro fertilization.

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Lady Gaga Can Orgasm Without Touch—And So Can You

Some of you may have missed it, but buried amongst plentiful Lady Gaga gems lies an especially interesting nugget about orgasms. She explains to the author of a recent New York magazine interview that acting classes she took during her youth helped her to fine-tune her imagination. From drinking out of an imaginary coffee cup, to thinking herself to an orgasm. Says Lady Gaga: "I don't know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm. You know, sense memory is quite powerful." And, there, Lady Gaga managed to convey what researchers and sex therapists have been trying to communicate for years: when it comes to sex, it's all in our heads.

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Really, Science? Men Are More Evolved Than Women?

Researchers just revealed that the male Y chromosome is more evolved than female's XX chromosomes. The Y chromosome has advanced so much over the last 6 million years that there's now a 30 percent difference between the male genetic code and that of chimps, our nearest ancestor. If men's chromosomes are so different from apes, women ask, why can't they remember to put the toilet seat down?

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Science Discovers The Best Way To Get A Date

The super-nerds at MIT's Sloan School of Management have figured out one of the best ways to get you some tail: friends. Assistant Prof. Joshua Ackerman asserts that a wingman (non-gender specific) is the best way to find someone new. Men and women use friends completely differently. Women use their buddies (irrespective of gender) to shut things. Men use their buddies (irrespective of gender) open it up.

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Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

According to the University At Buffalo's website, Dr. Gregory Homish has been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for a decade. He has come to the conclusion that couples with similar vices (alcohol and cigarettes in this case) and levels of engagement in said vices are likely to be more content with their relationship.

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Wait. Size Matters, After All?

One-third of women surveyed in a new study said they are more likely to climax if the man had a longer than average "member," which we suppose makes sense. Further analysis of the results proved that penis size and duration of sexytime all played important factors. But suspiciously absent from the list? Foreplay!

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Love And Death And The Solar Eclipse

Today, Asia was treated to the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. And in most cases, people were excited about it. Indian scientists observed the eclipse from fighter jets. In Japan, spectators flocked to the southwest islands, where the moon blocked the earth's view of the sun for over six and a half minutes. And in China, the government took the eclipse as an opportunity to educate the masses about science and dispel superstitions.

Why Do We Kiss? The Science Of The Smooch

Why Do We Kiss? The Science Of The Smooch

Pecking, smooching, Frenching, and playing tonsil-hockey—there are as many names for kissing as there are ways to do it. Whether we use it as an informal greeting or an intensely romantic gesture, kissing is one of those ingrained human behaviors that seems to defy explanation. Its many purposes—a blow and peck for good luck on dice, lips to ground after a rocky boat ride, kisses in the air to an acquaintance, and the long slow smooches of Hollywood—have different meanings yet are similar in nature. So why is it that we love to pucker up?