Saved by the Bell
This May marks 21 years since 'Saved by the Bell' aired its final episode. Feeling old?
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21 Signs You're Obsessed With The '90s!

Despite what MASH predicted for your adult life, you do not own a mansion, drive a Lamborghini or are married to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And you're pretty pissed off about it.

Mark Paul Gosselaar And Lisa Ann Russell
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Splits With Wife

So where are best buddy A.C. Slater and girlfriend Kelly Kapowski to help him with his grief? Unfortunately, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is married and pregnant now, leaving us with little hope for an off-screen meet-up for milkshakes at The Max. Likewise, Mario Lopez is equally distracted with a wife and child. Don't worry, Zack, err, Mark-Paul, there will always be your legion of adoring fans to help you dry your eyes. And, of course, we hear Dustin "Screech" Diamond is looking for fun.

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6 Love Lessons From Saved By The Bell

The first run of Saved By The Bell only went 5 seasons (plus one season of college and two two-hour movies) but it left us with many, many pop-culture references. And, more importantly, it taught an entire generation of young people about love and relationships.

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Great, Kelly Kapowski Is Taken. Now What?

As you likely know, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (now just Tiffani Thiessen, I reckon) married a guy named Brady Smith back in 2005 and now she is pregnant. In Hollyweird you're not really taken until you have a kid or have been together for 12 years together, so this kid news is pretty devastating to a lot of us. It has me recalling all of my big-time TV crushes and what they mean to me. Featuring Winnie Cooper, Kelly Kapowski, Joey Potter and Margene Henrickson.