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Sarah Palin is such a maverick that now she has her own TV channel.
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The (Imaginary) Sarah Palin Channel Lineup Revealed!

Sarah Palin recently announced that she's launching her own online subscription-based channel. She hasn't officially revealed what the content of the channel will be, but our inside (read: made up) sources have provided us with this list of shows she plans on premiering on her channel! (But really, if people aren't willing to pay for Brazzers, what makes her think they're willing to pay for this?)

Christopher Hitchens
Writer Christopher Hitchens died yesterday, Dec. 15, after battling esophageal cancer.
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Christopher Hitchens On Porn, Cheating & Women

Christopher Hitchens's most valuable asset was his scathing wit. From his famous digs at religion to his humiliating takedown of Sarah Palin — and even some snippy comments aimed at cats — read the brilliant writer's most incendiary jabs.

republican elephant
Gentlemen, if you don't share my bleeding heart liberal views, we will not be having sex.
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Angry Single Blogger: Why I'll Never Have Sex With A Republican

Note to the male population: If you don't share my bleeding heart liberal views, we will not be having sex. Just something to think about during this pre-election season, which has already bombarded us with incompetent GOP debates and Rick Perry's overtly bizarre behavior. I'm apparently in the minority on this one, however.

Bono and Ali Hewson were high school sweethearts
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5 Celebrities Who Married Their High School Sweethearts

17-year-old Justin Bieber recently made headlines when he spoke about his girlfriend Selena Gomez and his desire to be a young dad. The general consensus seems to be that marrying young, whether you're a famous pop star or not, is a bad idea...But is it? Yes, Hollywood marriages are notoriously short, but that doesn't mean that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship is doomed to implode. If they're lucky, they might just end up like one of the celebrity couples below, who only need to look across the dinner table whenever they want to reminisce about their high school sweethearts and first loves.

Sarah Palin, Todd Palin
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Is Sarah And Todd Palin's Marriage On The Rocks?

The release of a new tell-all biography about Sarah Palin (written by her next door neighbor!) may be the catalyst for a total marriage meltdown between Palin and her husband Todd. According to the National Enquirer, The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin by Joe McGinniss is chock full of stories that, if true, could ruin not only her marriage, but her political career.

Grandma Sarah Palin
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Sarah Palin And More Hot Celebrity Boomer Grandparents

"Don't cha" call her a grandma! At 44, America's favorite Alaskan is going to be a grandparent for a second time. Her eldest son, Track, 22, is expecting his first child with wife, Britta Hansen. Sarah already has one grandchild, Tripp, the son of DWTS turned author, Bristol. And to make the story more salacious? This could be Sarah's second out-of-wedlock grandchild. Reportedly, Britta looked pregnant during her baby shower, leading many to believe she was already with child long before heading down the aisle.

Sarah Palin
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Sarah Palin Has Another Out-Of-Wedlock Grandchild On The Way

Is there not a lot for college-aged kids to do in Alaska besides have sex? Because we can't figure out why Sarah Palin's kids keep having babies at such a young age. According to the Daily Mail, Track Palin, the former Alaska governor's 22-year-old son, is expecting a baby with his wife of 2 months, 21-year-old Britta Hanson. What makes the story particularly interesting is that Sarah's new daughter-in-law, Britta, looked heavily pregnant at her recent baby shower, which probably means that she was pregnant long before her honeymoon.

Bristol Palin
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Bristol Palin Wants Another Baby

While Levi Johnston's new girlfriend (day care worker Sunny Oglesby) could help him be a better father to son Tripp, Bristol Palin's new man, (oil rigger Gino Paoletti) may be helping her be a mommy for the second time. Apparently, "Bristol is dead serious about having another baby—and she hopes it will happen within the year...She wants to be married before giving birth again, and she is convinced Gino is the guy for her."

Levi Johnston
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Levi Johnston Regrets Apologizing To Sarah Palin

Levi Johnston is a high school drop-out, who has posed naked for Playgirl, fathered a child at the age of 18, and recently broke off his engagement with Bristol Palin for the second time after appearing together on a tabloid magazine cover that touted their happiness, but the thing he regrets the most? Apologizing to Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin. Now that they are off-again, Levi wants to take back the apology he made to the Palin family, and insists he solely gave it to please Bristol while they were engaged, and not because he had anything to apologize for.

Did Levi Johnston Knock Up Someone Else?
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Did Levi Johnston Knock Up Someone Else?

Just weeks after getting engaged for the second time, Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin might be on the rocks, because an ex-girlfriend of Levi's is pregnant and he might be the father. The National Enquirer is reporting that while Bristol and Levi were broken up, Levi reunited with another ex, 19-year-old Lanesia Garcia, who's now up the stick and isn't quite sure who got her that way.

dictionary with a glass heart indicating love
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10 Words We Invented For Sarah Palin

The Twittersphere recently made Sarah Palin the butt of its jokes when she tweeted that "peaceful Muslims" should "refudiate" the the mosque being built in the spot were the Twin Towers once stood. Unfortunately, "refudiate" isn't a word. But does that really matter? After the jump, 10 words and phrases we think should be added to the love lexicon.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston
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Is Bristol Palin Pregnant Again?

Despite the fact that their mothers are livid, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have gotten engaged fast and have announced that they want to get married even more quickly, supposedly sometime in the next six weeks, leaving many to wonder what their rush is. Well, according to, 19-year-old Bristol may be pregnant again, despite her stance that she and Levi, 20, are not current sexually active. It's hard to believe that being teenage parents to one baby, 2-year-old Tripp, already wouldn't deter the couple from unprotected sex, but sources point to Bristol's weight gain as an explanation for the shotgun wedding. There's also the fact that selling baby photos to a tabloid is a good way to make money. (Supposedly, Us Magazine paid a "huge but undisclosed" amount of money for the engagement story.)

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston
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Bristol Palin And Levi Johnston Are Engaged

Saying 'I'm sorry' isn't something that a lot of 20-year-old guys are prone to do, unless they have a good reason for doing it. And for Levi Johnston, who had a grand time trashing his one-time future mother-in-law Sarah Palin family to whomever would listen last year, the mea cupla he recently issued was no doubt because of his rekindled romance with daughter Bristol Palin. According to Us Weekly, Levi and Bristol, who are parents to 18-month-old Tripp, got back together several months ago and decided to engaged again only two weeks ago, without telling either of their parents.