Jennifer Lawrence
Could this year bring back-to-back Oscars for Jennifer Lawrence?
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Oscars 2014! See The Nomination Snubs & Surprises

Noticeably absent from the nomination list was fan-favorite Tom Hanks, a double-feature contender for his starring roles in both 'Saving Mr. Banks' and 'Captain Phillips' — a decidedly un-supercalifragilisticexpialidocious turn of events.

Parenting: 10 Celebrity Families Who've Adopted
"I always knew I would adopt – always," Charlize Theron said.
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10 Celebrity Families Who've Adopted

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be the poster family for adoption, but it's Hugh Jackman—father of two adopted children himself—who's putting things into perspective.  "I'm working with Americans to create an international campaign to shine a light on the fact that there are 153 million orphans in the world," the actor recently said. "If that were a country, it would be the ninth-largest in the world, just ahead of Russia."

'Gravity's Sandra Bullock On Parenting, Son Louis & More
"Life is good. Very good," Bullock gushed to us.
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Sandra Bullock: Louis Wanted 'Man Time' With His Friend George

Sandra Bullock has this parenting thing on lock. Take the day she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a few weeks ago. Sure, she jokes that she gave her son Louis Bullock some gummies to get through the ceremony. But then she went one step further. "When we got home, I had my son put his hands in cement outside our door, so he would feel special, too," she says. "Someday when he's 15 and mad at me, I can say, 'Look at all the fun things we did when you were little!'"

What’s the Difference Between a Tramp and a Prostitute?
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What’s the Difference Between a Tramp and a Prostitute?

I dated a married guy once. In fact, we were engaged and almost got married ourselves. What broke us up? That he was married when we got together, ironically. Oddly enough, never once in all the years we struggled to make that relationship work did it ever occur to me to call my local paper (or a global tabloid) and give a blow-by-blow description to people who deliberately use the information to humiliate and desecrate the people involved; namely, his wife and family. Nope. Not ever. As a matter of fact, I felt quite the opposite.

Rihanna summer date night style
Rihanna would look fierce in this outfit!
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How We Would Style 4 Hot Celebs For A Summer Date

"What would Blake Lively wear?" No, that's not the new WWJD phrase. It's what I often ask myself when getting dressed for a special occasion. I love the Gossip Girl actress's personal style—the way it's sexy yet effortless—and I find we have a similar personality, so why not take styling clues from her?

10 Best Celebrity "Breakovers": Look How Hot They Got! [PHOTOS]
Sandra Bullock sizzles at the 'Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close' premiere!
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10 Best Celebrity "Breakovers": Look How Hot They Got!

According to a recent survey we conducted with over 1,300 of our readers, 84 percent agree that a breakup is the perfect opportunity for self-improvement, and 64 percent do so by changing something about their appearance. You may call that a makeover, but hunny, it's really a "breakover."

Jesse James Disses Sandra Bullock, Wants Ring Back From Kat Von D
Ugh. This guy just won't go away.
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Jesse James Disses Sandra Bullock, Wants Ring Back From Kat Von D

If you cheated on your wife in a spectacularly public fashion as Jesse James did in 2010, you think you'd want to avoid reminding people of that fact. But, nope. Despite his reputation as a philanderer (and his subsequent on-off relationship with Kat von D, who also accused the 42-year-old of cheating on her), Jesse is talking about Sandra Bullock again in an obvious attempt to drum-up some attention for his reality TV show, American Chopper: The Build-Off.