Homosexuality: 6 Reasons Gay Couples Make The Best Parents Ever
One reason? Their kids are more nurturing.
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It's Science: 6 Reasons Gay Parents Make The Best Parents

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to "general health and family cohesion," it's the children of same-sex couples, as opposed to traditional couples, that really shine. In a world where some people are still living the archaic dream of "one father and one mother does a family make," this is beautiful scientific news. See more facts that will prove that gay parents really have this parenting thing in the bag.

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25.9% people in a stinky room had a negative response to gay marriage.
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The Weird Thing That Makes People Unsupportive Of Gay Marriage

A group of scientists from the University of Arkansas recently teamed up to experiment how our sense of smell can sway our political bias, including our opinions of same-sex marriage. That sounds legitimately interesting enough, right? But what they discovered was pretty disgusting (and I'm not talking about the stink).

Pope Francis
"Who am I to judge?" - Pope Francis
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The Fight For Equality: 7 LGBT Rights Heroes Of 2013

This year, there were some major key players who loudly and fearlessly sounded off, stood their ground and didn't waiver in their belief that marriage is indeed a human right, and not one that should only be afforded to straight couples. These people, just as those before them and those who will come after them, who have fought for equally, will forever be associated with one of the most important rights: the right to love and have that love be recognized.

Will Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Views Sway Gay Republicans?
President Obama announced his support of same-sex marriage on May 9.

Will Obama's Same-Sex Marriage Views Sway Gay Republicans?

When President Obama publicly announced his support of gay marriage on May 9, there seemed to be little question: Obama has the gay vote locked down. Though, of course, not all gays care about gay marriage, nor will all gays be voting Democrat come November. Yes, gay Republicans do exist. Even in the blue states.

Obama and Dennis Shepard, father of Matthew Shepard: a boy murdered for being gay in 1998.
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10 Best Quotes About Obama's Support Of Gay Marriage

"I could never be a politician. But as uncomfortable as I would be doing so, I have no problem with Obama's long-planned 'change of heart.' This dude's made huge, measurable strides for gay rights, and if being coy about his plans for gay marriage for a few years was needed to get him elected, then so be it. LGBT persons will be better off, and federal same-sex marriage recognition will come sooner because of it."

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We could kiss him! Obama came out in support of same-sex marriage today.
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Obama Backs Gay Marriage!

We all knew that President Barack Obama backed gay marriage in philosophy a long time ago. But in a historic announcement today, he finally came out and said he thinks same-sex marriage "should be legal," one day after North Carolina disappointingly passed Amendment 1, which says the state only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman.

Marriage and Divorce - Small Pieces of a Worldwide Puzzle

Marriage and Divorce - Small Pieces of a Worldwide Puzzle

Marriage and divorce happen all over the world. At any given moment, these two big milestones in individual lives end up making news for one reason or another. Here's a collection that's been growing for a while in my bookmark pile. You'll notice that, like pieces of a puzzle you might find at a yard sale, these newsworthy items are just pieces, but they do make their little contributions to figuring the ins and outs of relationships. —

How Fashionable! Designer Michael Kors Gets Married
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How Fashionable! Designer Michael Kors Gets Married

On Tuesday, the Project Runway judge, 51, married his long-time partner, Lance LePere, in a private, shoeless, beach ceremony in Southampton, N.Y. The couple, who met back in 1990 when LePere was just one of Kors's tiny interns, decided to tie the knot once same-sex marriage became legal in their home state. They had the honor of having Mark Epley, Southampton's Mayor, officiate the ceremony.

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Freedom To Marry Brings New Pressures To Gay Community

Honey Davenport was in character, performing his usual set at a Manhattan drag bar. Clad in a rainbow leotard and platform heels, he took a swig of his drink and ripped off his wig—sweaty and exhausted from the hourlong performance. Suddenly cheers erupted: New York's state legislature had legalized same-sex marriage, and on the eve of gay-pride weekend. Davenport's boyfriend made his way to the stage and got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" he asked.