Homosexuality: 6 Reasons Gay Couples Make The Best Parents Ever
One reason? Their kids are more nurturing.
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It's Science: 6 Reasons Gay Parents Make The Best Parents

Researchers have discovered that when it comes to "general health and family cohesion," it's the children of same-sex couples, as opposed to traditional couples, that really shine. In a world where some people are still living the archaic dream of "one father and one mother does a family make," this is beautiful scientific news. See more facts that will prove that gay parents really have this parenting thing in the bag.

happy couple
Want a happier relationship? Say "thank you!"
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It's Science: 7 Secrets To A Happy Relationship

One of the largest studies of relationships ever has finally reported its findings. Conducted over a two-year period that encompassed 5,000 people of all relationship statuses, ages and sexual orientation, the study reveals some pretty interesting keys to keeping your relationship happy. We break it down for you.

Pope Francis
"Who am I to judge?" - Pope Francis
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The Fight For Equality: 7 LGBT Rights Heroes Of 2013

This year, there were some major key players who loudly and fearlessly sounded off, stood their ground and didn't waiver in their belief that marriage is indeed a human right, and not one that should only be afforded to straight couples. These people, just as those before them and those who will come after them, who have fought for equally, will forever be associated with one of the most important rights: the right to love and have that love be recognized.

Life Coach: Gay & Engaged? Discuss Your Finances Together
"Before we cut the cake, let's talk insurance policies."
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Gay & Engaged? Don't Forget To Have The Money Talk

As more and more gay couples gain the right to tie the knot, take a moment to consider your finances. What perks and money traps are part of marriage? This coming out and life coach has some real talk for your financial future as a taken man (or woman!).

Lesbian Couple With Baby
One reason? Their children learn tolerance, open-mindedness, and gender-parity early.
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Why Lesbians Make The Best Parents

More lesbian moms have been featured on our TV screens recently, from the Disney channel casting their first lesbian couple in one of their hit TV shows, to ABC Family debuting The Fosters, centered on a lesbian couple with a blended family, the attention might be for good reason.

Parenting: 10 Celebrity Gay and Lesbian Parents
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are doting dads to twins Gideon and Harper.
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10 Gay and Lesbian Celebrity Parents

The news of the DOMA repeal and the squashing of Proposition 8 was a major milestone on the journey to true equality in the United States. LGBT couples will now be recognized by the federal government and allowed to exercise the rights that they've worked and waited a long time to get.

Does Gay Marriage Affect Straight Marriage?
Does their marriage affect yours?
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Does Gay Marriage Affect Straight Marriage?

While the jury is still out on whether or not the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) will still stand, how can this affect straight marriages, already acknowledged by law? What is it about the idea of gay marriage that seems to threaten people so much that they try to pass laws against it?

Bristol Palin Dora The Explorer
Hey Bristol, don't knock Dora the Explorer. She's likely much smarter than you.
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What Does Bristol Palin Know About Parenting And Gay Marriage?

Reportedly, Bristol Palin received death wishes for her recent blog post about Obama's support for gay marriage. The 21-year-old plastic-surgery fiend took to her blog after the prez's announcement last week, accusing him of deferring to Sasha and Malia when making policy decisions.

Chaz bono with mom Cher

Poll: Should 'DWTS' Have Banned Same-Sex Partner Dances?

It's time to break out those dancing shoes again! The TV world is all abuzz with the upcoming premiere of the celebrity dance competition on Sept. 19, and especially with the announcement of the Season 13 cast this past Monday, ABC and Dancing With The Stars made history by casting Chaz Bono, its first transgendered contestant.