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How To Live And Love With An STD [VIDEO]

Millions of Americans each year are diagnosed with an STD. For most people, finding out that you have an STD may seem like devastating news, but it doesn't have to be. As this video proves, maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner while treating your STD does not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Judy Blume: Crucial Sex Education For Young Girls

As a young girl—ovaries yet to ripen and hymen still in intact—reading Judy Blume books were like porn for me … educational porn. These were the pre-internet days, before I could Google "funny feeling down there" or "penis, hard-on." All I had was my imagination and my canon of Judy Blume books to aid my highly curious pre-teen mind. They were a permanent Sharpie mark on my burgeoning deviant mind.

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Finally, The Male "Pill" Is THIS Close

Scientists haven't yet given up hope on the Holy Grail of a male birth control that can bridge the gap between boring, erection-threatening condoms and the semi-reversible vasectomy. The most recent developments in birth control for men involve injections that may have to be administered every other month.

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Using Hitler To Ensure Safe Sex

The media is a all a bustle about a German safe sex advertisement depicting a woman getting banged by Adolf Hitler. The minute-long advertisement starts with two lustful things ripping each others clothes off and after a few passionate thrusts the man lifts his head and reveals a Hitler face. The ominous German phrase: Aids Ist Ein Massenmorder (translation: AIDS is a mass murderer) is then splashed across the screen. Will Hitler's face make you wear condoms?

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The Condom Commandments

Condom etiquette is something that single women don't discuss nearly enough. We need some open dialogue to take some of the awkwardness and confusion out of these situations. So, we have for you our eight condom commandments. No matter what your views are about casual sex, dating, or relationships, it's important to know where you stand on condoms before the moment "arises."

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Best Birth Control Options

Often, a woman's birth control choice is based on word-of-mouth from friends (which pill relieved monster cramps; which procedure was covered by insurance), familiar routines unchanged since college (same old pink pill case) or even TV commercials (seen the ones that make taking birth control look like boarding a Caribbean cruise?). But as women cross over into the years beyond 30, there are new options that go beyond basic oral contraception and condoms.

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Man Digs Up Woman For Sex

It's not easy being a 23-year-old virgin. Especially when you're a shy man who is into fairy tales. So explains Nicholas Grunke's defense attorney, Suzanne Edwards. You see, Grunke has been accused of trying to dig up the body of a dead woman in order to have sex with her.

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British Start 'Orgasm A Day' Campaign

The UK's NHS is handing out pamphlets to school children touting "An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away." The pamphlet asks the question: why promote healthy eating and exercise and not the maintenance and upkeep of one's sexual organs? They are also saying sex is good form of cardiovascular exercise.

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FDA Approves Generic Plan B

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Wednesday that it had approved the first-ever generic form of the emergency contraceptive pill known as Plan B (levonorgestrel), manufactured by Watson Laboratories, Inc. At the current time, however, the generic version of Plan B will be made available only to young women ages 17 and younger and will require a doctor's prescription.

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9 Ways In Which Communism & Condoms Are Alike

The National Institutes Of Health are giving approximate $400,000 to figure out why guys don't like condoms. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that much money. But it seems like an easy question to answer. We'll explore how condom use and communism are similar.

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Just Have Him Pull Out To Avoid Getting Pregnant?

The study, by sex researcher Rachel K. Jones, indicates that "if the male partner withdraws before ejaculation every time a couple has vaginal intercourse, about 4 % of the couples will become pregnant over the course of a year." With an 18% failure rate, the pull-out method comes pretty close to matching up with that of the condom’s 17% failure rate.

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Contraceptive Sponge Makes A Comeback

A new distributor is bringing the female contraceptive known as the sponge back to store shelves. The Today Sponge is expected to appear in thousands of CVS and Longs Drug Stores locations across the nation this week, and Walgreens this summer, reports Natasha Singer for the New York Times. Since appearing in 1983, the sponge has been here-again, gone-again. Manufacturing problems spotted by the FDA in 1994...

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Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

According to blogger Ian Halperin, a close source confirmed that Lindsay is indeed seven weeks pregnant. I swear she’s carrying,” the source said. “She’s going through big emotional turmoil. She’s not sure if she’ll have it or go through with an abortion that she booked to have in the next few days. Saddest part is she has no idea who the father is. She must have slept with more than two dozen men in the past couple of months.”

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Condomizing Your Sex

Hi, I’m Dr. V. I’m not a real doctor, I just play one on the Internet. What I am is a lady, a lady who is a fool for love! And I love nothing more than sex. My deepest desires have happily led me on many adventures in the sack, but they have also, sadly, made me one of my gyno’s most valuable players. But I’ve lived to tell the tale(s)! So, from time to time, I will dish the dirt on everything from getting freaky to getting freaked out. Now, let’s get this party started… After blathering on and on about anal sex, herpes sores, and stanky vajayjay’s, I, Dr. V, am going to say something that will really shock you! I have never, ever had sex without a condom. Ever. Not even once.